Our heart has been broken a thousand times and healed a thousand times in spite of the journey oblivious to the fact that lying is the prime source of human suffering. People do not want to know what a mess they are even if they notice it. It is better to stay silent, say nothing and maybe it is for the betterment. Now, waiting to be healed, we are encouraged to think of something pleasant. We try our mind on different subjects, but could not focus on any of it and will end up losing sleep and piled up with anxiety and depression. This is a hard truth. The world is a beautiful place, but it is full of hard truths.

There are many central tragedies in everyone’s life. Some are able to carry on living a life that matters but many are unaware of that Solution en route and desperately look for answers. They desperately try to love beyond reason and are grateful to have an immediate purpose. All the philosophers of life fail to conceive a theory that satisfies everyone. Even with blissful Healing on the doorstep, sweet pain finds an equal home with grief in their heart.

Then how do we Heal? Always believe that our intentions matter more than the consequences of our actions. Anyway, all may be well in the end if you believe that you have been wise and conscious and not harmed by anger and self-pity. In truth, your destiny takes you to solve the mystery of your sufferings. But, in the end, all our suffering is all the same, it is born in the heart that shaped all of it.

The ridiculous lie hangs everywhere and we no doubt will believe in it. In the age of the internet, many will believe in whatever they are told by any source that they trust, reserving the truth solely for those they find honorable. In public, those who hold all the right positions on issues that matter to the opinion makers and are all but universally seen as one of the healers and have a say on it. So, for those who crave for the pure method of healing do not know what might satisfy and nothing holds any appeal anymore.

The disorientation that is the characteristic of healing remains as if a silent catosphere is emitting saving vibrations. Instead it is a truth on which you need to act to save yourself. But you will not know where to start and whom to look for.

In your sufferings...you have been trapped, paralyzed, and contaminated making you helpless, lonely, vulnerable, with no meaningful purpose. You will feel powerless.

You should not endure the powerlessness. You should not tolerate it.

Always realize that the worst of all miseries to afflict your heart is loneliness.

Look for good relationships. Get a companion. You are not a monster. People will like the way you look. They will admire your ambition. Try to have a sense of humour. Try to dance and sing. Get a style in everything. Listen to others. And try to sustain a relationship. Sooner than later, your relationship will be adequate and authentic in a way or another. The relationship will begin to feel stronger, having worthwhile emotional nourishment, a lot of romantic essence, and you will start healing yourself and people around you.

When you are metamorphosing, you will try to recall where and when things started going wrong. When have you truly been happy? When your future has been promising? You might have not been in good spirits, but your prospects for happiness might have been greater. You have had hopes.

Well...at this point of time, please scrap all the negativity and follow our infinite options for healing. You will not be lonely. You will have people to listen to you. You will have people to understand you. You will have people to care for you. You will have people to answer you.

The turning point, the motive force that heals you is Nature. Universe will change your life to the most promising if you are willing to work with it. You will know what you must do. You can not travel back in time but you can go forward for a new life, the right life. You can be happy again, with a fine future that holds great promise.

Have you routines. Routines are salvation. The world is vast and complex, part of a larger and even more complex solar system, an enormous galaxy, an infinite universe with trillions of stars. The same goes with options. You have plenty of options with plenty of permutations of innumerable things happening to you. Routines will make infinite finite and manageable.

The healing will be magical and you will notice animals like fawn in your lawn. Watching the fawn is pleasurable enough, enchanting you. The fawn is beautiful and graceful and after considering it for a moment, you decide to whisper, “I love you.” So, getting a pet also will awaken the desire to heal in you.

 Ever since you are able to find meaning to your life, you are free at last. You are in control of your life. No one is the boss anymore. This might be a perilous journey to you but you are compelled to take it. Love is the best thing when you have it, and the most terrible thing when it is taken from you.

 That love becomes the slow but sure curative for grief, as well as the means by which you can gain confidence to face the future. It is magical even supernatural but it will be a positive growing buzz of healing in the right time. You will be profoundly grateful that there is life after life and graces enough of your happiness and enjoyment.

You ought to lay back, enjoy life, really live. But nothing is as good as it ought to be when you are alone. What you need is someone to share it with. I have no doubt that you will find someone to share it with. You deserve to be happy and happier and you will find the deepest and purest healing power in you.

This is where, in our present circumstances, the blessings of human intelligence become almost a boon and we understand that cruelty is a kind of power that can be used as a weapon. At times cruelty becomes the target of injustice, where people are used and discarded and set up to take the fall for someone else. It should not happen anymore and you should not entertain any of these notions anymore.

You will soon find yourself in the lap of kindness. You will meet people who see you as an injured bird who had fallen from the nest before you learned to fly. And that person will teach you to soar again. You will find the truth of life in healing, the truth and hope and a new way of living. Your heart will go stronger again and your sense of self is clarified. Whatever healing you still require is up to you to achieve.


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