Our heart has been broken a thousand times and healed a thousand times in spite of the journey oblivious to the fact that lying is the prime source of human suffering. It is better to stay silent, say nothing and maybe it is for the betterment.

We try our mind on different subjects, but could not focus on any of it and will end up losing sleep and piled up with anxiety and depression.

There are many central tragedies in everyone’s life. Some are able to carry on living a life that matters but many are unaware of that Solution en route and desperately look for answers.

All the philosophers of life fail to conceive a theory that satisfies everyone.

Then how do we Heal? Always believe that our intentions matter more than the consequences of our actions. In truth, your destiny takes you to solve the mystery of your sufferings.

The ridiculous lie hangs everywhere and we no doubt will believe in it.

Sooner than later, your relationship will be adequate and authentic in a way or another. The relationship will begin to feel stronger, having worthwhile emotional nourishment, a lot of romantic essence, and you will start healing yourself and people around you.

When you are metamorphosing, you will try to recall where and when things started going wrong.

Well...at this point of time, please scrap all the negativity and follow your infinite options for healing. You will not be lonely. You will have people to listen to you.

Universe will change your life to the most promising if you are willing to work with it. You can not travel back in time but you can go forward for a new life, the right life. Have your routines. Routines are salvation.

Routines will make infinite finite and manageable.

The healing will be magical and you will notice animals like fawn in your lawn. Watching the fawn is pleasurable enough, enchanting you. Ever since you are able to find meaning to your life, you are free at last. This might be a perilous journey to you but you are compelled to take it.

That love becomes the slow but sure curative for grief, as well as the means by which you can gain confidence to face the future. It is magical even supernatural but it will be a positive growing buzz of healing in the right time. But nothing is as good as it ought to be when you are alone.

What you need is someone to share it with. You will soon find yourself in the lap of kindness. And that person will teach you to soar again. Your heart will go stronger again and your sense of self is clarified.

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