How To Be Successful In Whatever Work You Are Going For

How To Be Successful In Whatever Work You Are Going For

Remedy: Ganesha Big Ears Statue

The large ears signify that Ganesha is a perfect spirited entity who possesses a great degree of capacity to listen to you and assimilate ideas. Lord Ganesha statue with large ears signifies that you should listen more and talk less when listening, to digest only things that are wise, which is more of self righteous things to do. He can hear the softest of your prayers with absolute purity, grace and confidence. 

Big ears suggest 'let your ears be ground' but speak only when required. The big ears of Ganesha represent his immense capacity for listening. Symbolically the big ears show you the importance of careful and active listening which might mark you as an inspiration. As it is, Ganesha is capable of listening to the most faint and most complicated sounds and this includes our mind voices and subconscious mind. He can listen to all the sounds which are uttered at any speed and any volume. He will not miss a single syllable, focused and not distracted to grant your wishes.

Procedure: Invoke The Potent And Effective Lord Ganesha To Remove Every Impediment In Your Life And In Your Works. 

  1. Face the sun in the early morning after taking a bath and offer water to a plant.
  2. Take a raw cotton thread and chant “I Offer My Salutations and Bow To The Remover of Obstacles.”
  3. While chanting, tie 7 knots on the thread.
  4. Then keep the thread at the feet of Ganesha Big Ear Statue.
  5. Then chant the sentence once only: Jai Ganesh Kato Klesh

Keep the thread in your pocket and it will help you in job interviews, examinations, appointments, business meetings and any auspicious work you have in mind. 

Spiritual Wellness: Divine Qualities To Remove All Kind Of Obstacles In Life

Peace of mind, gentleness, silence, purity of nature, self control, and control of the mind removes all kinds of obstacles in life and gives success in all endeavors. Your life will be containing balance, peace, harmony, purity & clarity.

In a way Ganesha promotes health, happiness, harmony, longevity and purity.

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