How To Feel Secure, Protected And Safe In Life

How To Feel Secure, Protected And Safe In Life

Remedy: Durga Aura Statue

Since the Durga Aura Statue is believed to be compassionate in removing suffering and protecting people from harm, this procedure is a form of divine protection for quality of life.

Meditation on Durga Aura statue with great devotion, intense humility and a sense of surrender to divine powers is a means for you to receive Durga’s affectionate blessings. This remedy can help you to clear obstacles in relation to your health, finance and success, bestowing you with wisdom, well-being and prosperity.

Procedure: Spiritual Meditation To Gain The Most Powerful Protection From All Kind Of Dangers

The procedure of preparing and utilizing the immense power of the statue by spiritual meditation for getting the divine protection of the divine mother to face and deal with any kind of trouble.

  1. Wear clean and fresh clothes after taking bath
  2. Sit and face east direction towards Durga Statue
  3. Chant the following sentence for 1000 times

Salutations to Durga who bestows compassion, fearlessness and patience. Bless me with your protection and love to defend myself against any trouble.

Chants are used across religious and spiritual traditions as a meditative “tool of thought,” helping to prepare you for deeper states of meditation and higher levels of consciousness.

The chant may be repeated silently as a form of meditation, or chanted aloud in order to harness the energy of the sound vibrations.

Spiritual Wellness: All Round Protection From Enemies, Accidents, Natural Disasters, Calamities, Illnesses and Diseases

In general, this procedure helps you to focus and still your mind in preparation for meditative states and the chant is used to enlist the help of a deity.

Otherwise known as the trusted and admired Divine Mother, Durga is symbolic of the destruction of all kinds of evil. She protects you from danger and harm and equally combats forces that threaten your peace and prosperity. Durga is a kind warrior goddess, depicted with remarkable vivid beauty, unparalleled tough power and a formidable strong nature.

This procedure offers protection and strength from the Divine Mother. The statue can be used to call upon the amazing divine feminine energy of Shakti, to deter all types of external threats and to destroy all kinds of internal evil forces such as ill feeling, anger, jealousy, hatred and so forth.

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