How to Solve Issues With Chakra Insight Oracle

How to Solve Issues With Chakra Insight Oracle

How to Solve Issues With Chakra Insight Oracle

'Chakra Insight Oracle' is a powerful tool for connecting to and understanding the subtleties of the energetic body through the age-old system of the chakras. Caryn Sangster was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She has a degree in Behavioral Health Science from the University of Sydney along with a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. Caryn has had a lifelong interest in psychology in particular the mind-body connection and has been studying the Chakra system since early adulthood. Inspired by the transformations her clients were experiencing through a greater understanding of the energy centers, Caryn created the Chakra Insight Oracle. Her vision is that the deck will inspire people to reach for their highest potential living in alignment with the divine being that they came here to be1!

The deck features 49 cards in total, seven cards for each of the seven major chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown – with each card dealing with an aspect of that particular chakra. The 148-page guidebook offers a wealth of information on different ways to use the cards both on a daily basis and for longer, more intensive transformational journeys. It is an invaluable resource for interpreting each card and addressing the underlying issues and potential ‘energy blocks’ within the chakras which ultimately helps promote self-healing and profound personal transformation2.

The Chakra Insight Oracle is a book and deck of 49 colorful cards and is, of course, linked to the basic seven chakra body-energy system. This boxed set includes a well-written text that is easy to follow and is organized on a continuum from the base to the crown chakra, and with cards filling in the degrees between the seven chakra points. For example, the book goes from the lower chakra up to the crown chakra, and when it reaches one main chakra point, there is a card for that individual chakra, say the heart chakra—Card 22. And then there are additional and related issues connecting to that chakra’s theme, such as emotional/heart concerns (heart chakra) with a card for each nuance: Forgiveness, Love, Passion, Connection, Emotional Balance, Compassion (Cards 23-28). Then the author proceeds on to the next higher chakra with Card 29, the throat chakra, with corresponding themes, or issues, for that chakra, and so on in both directions2

This structure provides a wonderful study for those interested in reinforcing their working understanding of the basic chakras and how these seven energy centers connect to our life and health. The book has 148 pages and a helpful section after the individual card interpretations includes 22 pages for the Chakra Tables, listing for each chakra: name, color, location, element, attributes, body areas, gland, archetypes, planetary connection, astrology, crystals and oils…which are associated with each particular energy center. In addition, the harmonious and also inharmonious characteristics of that chakra are outlined2

Meanings for card reversals (versus upright) are not directly given, although the author notes that an inharmonious chakra could be over or under charge. The cards are sturdy, 3 ¾ x 5 ½ inches, and have card backs in bright yellow with tinges of orange. Multi-talented professional artist Amy Edwards illustrated the cards with human figures, animals, sacred geometry, objects—and the variety of design and color is very pleasing. Each chakra “family” of cards has the main card, the chakra itself, and six other related cards (as noted above), and the card borders and color theme of each “family” match the color associated with that chakra. For example, the crown chakra cards have a purple border and the heart chakra cards carry a green theme2

The book gives an introduction and guidelines for use, including some suggested card spreads. I like the well written text, colorful cards, positive emphasis and overall focus on mind and body awareness and health which the Chakra Oracle provides2.

In Ayurveda and various yoga traditions, such as Tantra and Kundalini, the term chakra refers to an energy center that interacts with both the physical and energetic bodies. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit cakra, meaning “wheel,” alluding to the vortex of swirling energy believed to reside in each chakra’s location. There are several different chakra systems, ranging between 7 to 114 in number, each with a unique vibrational frequency and healing potency3.

If a chakra becomes blocked, it can have a significant impact on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As such, a basic understanding of chakras can have a deeply positive influence, both in terms of healing specific wounds and living a more optimal life. Each chakra relies on the health and energetic flow of the others, in order for them to function harmoniously. When any one chakra becomes blocked, it can therefore disrupt the flow of energy throughout the entire body3.

Chakras offer a yogic explanation of the life force energy system (prana), roughly corresponding with the nervous and endocrine systems in the physical body. First described in ancient Hindu scriptures, chakras have been referenced in Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese teachings for thousands of years. According to yogic science, they are connected by energy pathways called nadis, Sanskrit for ‘rivers’3.

The interaction between nadis and chakras controls the circulation of our life force energy. Emotional and physical disturbances in the body and mind are thought to stem from an under-active, overactive or blocked chakra, preventing a balanced flow of energy. The ideal state is one in which all seven chakras are open, allowing a balanced flow of energy3.

According to yogic principles, practices, such as pranayama, asana, mantra chanting, meditation and visualization, encourage and improve energy flow throughout the chakras, allowing us to address and heal our own physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances from within. Chakra meditations involve simply focusing on the specific area of the body or color associated with the chakra as a means of restoring and balancing energetic flow3.

Chakra Insight Oracle is a powerful tool for connecting to and understanding the subtleties of the energetic body through the age-old system of the chakras.


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