I Will Tell You The Truth About Human Conditioning In The Next 60 Seconds

I Will Tell You The Truth About Human Conditioning In The Next 60 Seconds

The years of upbringing and the environment we were in played major roles in our physical and mental conditioning. While physical conditioning chisels your external to perfection, mental conditioning determines your mindset and its outcome. As expected, both of them play roles in strengthening your inner core and the relationship with the world.

Human conditioning fuels both positive and negative energy and it has the potency to ensure or disrupt purity of thinking and actions. Somewhere deep inside both energies will fight for their supremacy over us. Either we waste our life consumed by our unfulfilled desires and regrets or we follow the path of spirituality and attain what's good for us for eternity.

Welcome all things in life genuinely, keep your promises and accept positive changes. You will have no idea when your surroundings will change and what it entails. Always proceed towards the next goal in your life and seek blessings for your endeavor. Keep on working on your mental and physical exercise and should reflect your understanding of all that you have learnt. Does the idea seem fine to you? I believe that we should be like the sun, sharing positive energy to everyone around us.

You will find it difficult to avoid thinking about those who have shaped your life. No matter how often you remind yourself that you have a really good life, your thoughts will always be plagued by the fact that you had grown up with not enough love or guidance that you deserve. Shrug all the thoughts away and focus on the work at hand and don't plunge into the past considering what you have been through with your family, parents or social circles.

I am not sure if you are aware but one's outer looks are no more important and it is one's inner self that defines their beauty. See, that is the problem with us humans, we are so full of skepticism that we fail to see the magic that is all around us!

So let nature take its course and do not let egos take over which will result in destruction. At times the desire for something that is not for us will disrupt the balance and will have far reaching consequences. Even when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can cause a storm at some other place.

What is the fun in knowing your future, when you can let destiny play its role. I leave no stone unturned in raising my child and providing her with the warmth's of a stable home. I made sure that I do not neglect my responsibility due to my spiritual ties.

She receives the love that she needs even though I have been subjected to humiliation and disgrace. For her future betterment, I decided to be her shadow fulfilling my duties for her growth and development.

I care for her more than anyone else in my life. My conditioning compels me to make sure she receives the best and restores her trust in humanity! As far as I know, I gave her a better household and have no selfish motive. I care for her welfare and give her the moral support that she needs.
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