Is Utopian Society Still Relevant?

Is Utopian Society Still Relevant?

I wish to impart all that I learn about the mysterious workings of the universe, the working wheels of the material world and our duty towards a just society.  A just society is a community where it looks after spiritual growth and helps everyone to progress with the help of knowledge sharing.

So is an Utopian Society a just society? To put it subjectively, a just society is a subset of an Utopian Society. As far as I understand, an Utopian Society is a society that allows equal rights to all its citizens. And not only that it is a society where there will be no evil, and there will also be no necessity to fight for land or wealth unnecessarily.

Accordingly, in an Utopian Society, all individuals whether it’s a man, a woman or even a child will live a life of dignity without any negative influences. So, the people in this society challenge the norms set by the world and they seek to set new milestones for humankind.

Now comes the next question on whether the Utopian Society is still relevant or not? To answer the question we must understand a basic fact that all human beings are a mix of good and evil and it is only through our mixed karma that we can repay the debt owed to each other as well as to other life forms.

But human nature is such that creating an utopian society is not only difficult but it will also be extremely boring, because then life will become predictable and monotonous. So many have argued against it and tend to use propaganda to tarnish the image of such a society.

So what am I saying? Am I implying that humans do not have the chance to live in such an environment? Hmmm...many of us do wish for such a society. A society that releases everyone from the basic worries of food, accommodation and safety. So, when people are free from this bondage, then they are able to focus on spiritual advancement. 

However, as a matter of fact, each and every individual soul earns good as well as bad karma during their many births. And this Karma can be repaid only by executing more karma to neutralize the previous ones. In other words, the repayments of Karma will continue to exist and affect human beings and we are still engulfed in the materialistic world.

So, even there are efforts, strength and wisdom to create such a society; the fruitfulness for such a society depends on many aspects. But, at least efforts can be made in that direction and even if it fails, it will not be due to lack of trying. It will be a start for the seed to germinate and grow.

As to the question of an Utopian Society, it is not an easy answer and it is not an easy thing to understand but I realize that mental conditioning to abide righteousness is important at all times and I feel sad for all loss of life, whether it is plant, animal or human. In the current age, it is in such a way that our material world thrives on one organism living off the other in any form and this is against the principle of a just society.

The creation of an Utopian Society thrives on a system that ensures humans can achieve the ideals of good conduct, monetary gains and conjugal pleasure equally without having to sacrifice the most important ideal of life. The most important ideal of life is the liberation from the cycle of birth and death. And all these principles are the founding principles of an Utopian Society.

The need for such a society depends on the requirement of the community at large to spend effort, time and love in the pursuit of knowledge, pleasures and responsibilities of marital life. Such a society will stand as a shining beacon for people who want to follow the path of righteousness within the fabric of community.

As a matter of fact, in a just society, we need to adhere to our prescribed duties and the society will be managed by the collective will. It is a long process and will take a long time but the age for that golden era will soon arrive. So, let us start working towards it and be ready to welcome such a day.

At the outset, there have been communities who were able to think of replacing our current society with an Utopian Society and such examples exist all over the world. I have compiled a list of such operational endeavors in the States and listed it here:

  1. Nucla, Colorado,_Colorado
  2. Arden Village, Delaware,_Delaware
  3. East Wind Community, Missouri
  4. Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, Fairhope, Alabama,_Alabama#History
  5. The Farm (Tennessee), Lewis County, Tennessee
  6. Twin Oaks, Virginia,_Virginia
  7. Acorn Community Farm, Virginia Acorn Community Farm, Virginia

If you wish to share an Utopian Society that I might have missed on the list above, then please write to us in the comment box. Thank you and All is Well!

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