Somehow, the very idea of kindness in unexpected places and unknown people gives me hope that the gifts of kindness to humankind are more noble and worthy. And what kindness in you that is more common that provides you some relief from the unspeakable loneliness and sense of desperation.

Think of kindness as your guardian. Your kindness. In a hundred other ways, kindness is as perfect as any guardian angel is to be. In that goodness, pure heart of yours, you never asked for or wanted anything in return for all the kindness that you showed.

By just being who you are, your kindness teaches great lessons to those around you. You spread kindness and take responsibility over it guarding against the darkness.

Is it blasphemous to think of Kindness as part of your soul? No. If you have got a soul, and you are, then you are born with free will and the right to self determination. Kindness, being a survival trait, is dominant, very dominant if you let it be part of you.

You are destined to lead a happy life because of your ability to show kindness to people. You share your kindness which is full of affection and gratitude. Universe has so much interest in you and your life is so important.

In a crunch, a person’s reputation counts for as much as it ought to. People who are good hearted and willing to give a person the benefit of the doubt are very much kinder compared to those poisonous few who are eager to see others brought down and ruined.

As an individual while you face your future with optimism, you should live and prosper because every day will be a testament to your kindness. You have to understand that by living well and being a good person, you are able to make it possible for others to find happiness through your kindness.

Some things are meant to be the way they are, and at times no one can prevent them. So, be content with the knowledge that your family loves you with all their heart in a way that you are one of the few people in the world who are ever lucky enough to be loved. In time happiness will come to you.

You should grant yourself absolution from the obligation to make your way in the world with the guidance of kindness. So, your kindness does wonders because your kindness is miraculous. Be kind and open yourself to the possibility of loving and showing kindness.

The first step to explore kindness is to have an articulate discussion of your feelings with which you are able to express your adjustment to life events, having endured many crises and much terror, but most of all, having benefited from your family’s wondrous love. You are as resilient as a sponge, absorbing what life presents in a calmer, more content manner with your outgoing attitude. 

The next step you have to do is to unbend a little. Flow with your kindness, see where it goes. You are beautiful inside and the sentiment in you is beautiful also, and you are beautiful outside because your kindness is beautiful and it is blossoming with your age also. The happier you are, the better person you become and the more harmonious you will be with the Universe, sharing a deeper magical bond and you have something special to share with the rest of the world.

The last one, and it is beautiful because it is you. You need to understand who you are, because when your kindness is shared, you totally surrender yourself to humanity. Your kindness is what you are, and it shines. You bring a sense of shared hopes and dreams and destinies and those are true medicines to many people. Listen to your soul and listen well. This talent of yours is more precious than you think.

So, share your long chain of positive developments in your life with affection. It somewhat makes people touched by your kindness feel that life goes on, that it always goes on, the cycle is renewed and that life is going to go on for you, too, for all of us, for a long time.

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