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Let us be honest, navigating love and relationships is not easy and sometimes it will be unpleasant. All I really want you to know is that love need not be unpleasant at all. If two people care for one another, it will probably be a very lovely and special moment. You might be content, but it will never be just as it is. Whatever has been racing through your mind, it has not been made up of words and sentences of conscious thought. It is pure feeling and instinct. That is all there has been. No reason, no logic, nothing even remotely rational or sane.

Somehow, as all of that churns violently within you, you know what to do. You love your partner. And once you get to a certain age, all the “failed relationships”, broken hearts, and unrelenting disappointment can make you feel like the world is conspiring against you. And although you barely dare think it, maybe you are wrong. Maybe you have been misled, or maybe God is just waiting for the right time to bestow a miracle. You have gone to such lengths to be brutally honest. The Universe will not allow you to make a decision if the Universe did not think you have the facts absolutely straight.

It is easy to blame it on the universe, but did you ever stop to think that maybe all the “wrong ones” were just stepping stones to lead you to “The Right One”? to “The Right Love”? You deserve that much. You deserve much more than that, but that is all the Universe can give you. You do know about cruel words and shattered dreams. You do know the feeling of rejection. There is something else you do know about. I can't really explain it, but you will understand. The Universe is trying to protect you from something. I am sure of it.

The truth is, the universe knows when you are ready to be united with the love of your life and you just have to be patient. I know your story sounded like a fantasy. But you know in your heart that you are right. In the end, that is all that is important. And so love becomes a matter of self-preservation. It is simple. It sounded melodramatic, but at the moment you will swear it to be true. The hand of love twisting around your gut will burst into flame and take you along with it. You needed your partner that much.

Regardless of your beliefs, whether you believe that God is carefully planning out our next moves, or there is power in the energy of the universe, or that our fate lies entirely in our hands, there is no doubt that we receive signals from forces bigger than us. But then something happened, or maybe it has been happening all along, and you just been trying too hard not to notice it. You need to make this love last you a lifetime. And in the end, it is inevitable. Will your partner realize how much you love her or him? How much can you grow to love her or him? And maybe, just maybe that you realize how happy she or he makes you.

This is what happens when a twin flame reunion is near to each other. Your life might not revolve around your partner, but your thoughts certainly do. You treat your partner with nothing but respect and honor and good humor. And you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are falling in love. Well, experience or no, you clearly have the touch. You are sensible and you are strong and you love your partner with a fierceness and devotion that is rarely seen in your social circles. You know that true love exists. Anyone who has ever been in the same room with Romeo and Juliet knows that true love exists.

The problem is, we do not often pay attention to the signs around us and take those signs for granted. Maybe love is a complication that you wish to avoid. Maybe you have no desire for your life to be visited by that particular miracle. Chances are you will not find the love of your life even if you have been looking. Most people do not. But no one else can understand the depth of the bond you feel with the Universe. And no one can possibly understand the way you feel it in your bones. The Universe has been everything to you.

Some of the love signs are so tiny that it is easy to overlook them. Others are glaringly obvious yet we are so caught up in our lives that we fail to see them. It is only once you open yourself up to the universe that the signs become clearer. It counts. It counts for a lot. And the Universe is with you. In every way that matters. Your responsibility is twice as great. You must work even harder to ensure your happiness and welfare. Do not think history is likely to repeat itself. It is a light and comfortable feeling around the heart.

You are everything that is good and honorable and pure. And your partner deserves you. I may not know very much about the matters of the heart and the affairs of men and women, but I can bet my life that whatever you have been feeling, it has not been boring. And when the universe wants you to be with someone, you will receive more signs than ever…you only need to look for them. For one blissful moment, you will forget everything. You have known nothing but an exquisite sensation of being cherished and wanted, no, needed, and it has been heady stuff, indeed.

There are some bonds, you will come to realize, that are stronger than those of blood. These are bonds that you have room for in your life. You should accept the bonds with grace and good favor. And it almost seems like a crime against nature if you do not feel desire. Desire is nice and dangerous. Desire certainly has a greater chance of sliding into love.

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