Money: A Simple Tips

Money: A Simple Tips

Money attracting tips

There are a few money attracting tips from Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Science has been informing people how to increase the cash flow of money and funds in a household. The following are the remedies which can be applied to attract wealth and  prosperity and also protect wealth and money.

Holy Basil

It is a native plant of India and is normally used in traditional Indian medicine. It is also known as a herb for all reasons and beneficial for the brain and body. Scientifically it is one of the most auspicious plants which is an excellent air purifier and able to heal coughs.

It is a fact that when a basil plant is positioned at the entrance, it is able to attract good energy and vibes and grant blessings such as wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Holy basil is kept in the directions of North, East or North-East and is considered highly auspicious and is very important for attracting money.

Clean and Clean

One of the most important principles of attracting money is to keep the space clean, loose clutter, and avoid unwanted items. Do remember that clutter does not help in attracting money or even protecting it, so it's very important for you to remove those unwanted items.

It will certainly create a conducive atmosphere full of positivity and vibrant energy. So, always remember to keep brooms, dusters, brushes, waste buckets and other house cleaning-items not visible to guests or people from outside and kept in the right place.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Symbols

There are many symbols of wealth that make a part of home as a generator of positive energy and able to attract wealth and prosperity. One of the symbols is the money frog that is used to attract prosperity and abundance and it has its energy associated with it.

Another symbol of abundance and good luck is oranges that are able to activate wealth energy. Apart from that fish is a prosperity symbol which is able to activate wealth and luck. The auspicious combination is eight gold or redfish and one black fish or Koi (carp) as a symbol of prosperity or abundance.

One of the most popular fish is the dragon fish or also known as Arowana and is of the strongest and highly prized. The fishes can be reared, or hanged as painting or placement of a brass figurine.

Garlic is an abundance symbol that invites abundance and prosperity especially when it is placed in the dining room. You can keep a bowl of garlic bulbs in their sheaths or gold plated garlic figurine depending on your budget.

The round belly laughing Buddha is also another excellent symbol of good luck, wealth, prosperity and abundance and places in the southeast.

From ancient times, there are many gemstones that used to usher wealth and abundance and a symbol of prosperity. You can place it on the northeast and southwest and the use of the following gemstones is highly recommended; amethyst, citrine, jade and quartz.

Red envelopes are another superb item to stimulate prosperity, wealth and abundance. The auspicious energies are activated by including some currency notes inside the envelope. By keeping the envelope inside a wallet or purse, it is able to attract abundance and wealth energy.

Another excellent way to generate positive energies to invite prosperity, wealth and money is to position a picture of a gold mountaintop or a mountain behind your office desk and it is believed to stimulate career abundance and prosperity.

There are a few animals that are considered auspicious and stimulate prosperity, wealth and money. By placing either a figurine or picture of a pair of deer in the southeast or by positioning a picture of a peacock in the south, these symbols are able to attract wealth, abundance, prosperity, fame and recognition.

There are some type of abundance money tree symbols that generates prosperity and abundance and that includes

  • Jade tree plant
  • Pachira plant which is the original money tree
  • Lucky bamboo
  • Real coins tree
  • Gemstone trees

There is also a mystic knot symbol which is also known as the infinite prosperity and abundance. The knot is created in such a way that they are entwined figure eights with no endpoints. By placing a framed drawing of mystic knot, it ensures your luck never runs out and is used to support a good luck charm.

The List of Symbols in Feng Shui That Attracts Wealth and Abundance

Symbol of Wealth or Pixiu: A prominent lucky symbol that assists in gaining money and to improve windfall luck. Pixiu is the 9th son of the heavenly dragon which is a celestial beast with dragon as its head, horse as its body and lion as its feet with wings. Since it has no anus, it is able to attract wealth from all directions and keeps on accumulating them without leaking them out.

Usher Good Fortune Using Wealth Ship: It is a famous that is known to assist in increasing and multiplying wealth and open up opportunities. Usually the wealth ship is filled with gold ingots, gemstones and coins to bring wealth.

A Lucky Fortune Cat which is also known as Maneki Neko that originated from Japan is able to invite good luck and is also a good money magnet.

Water is a wealth symbol and the configuration of water elements in a water fountain is able to bring in contact cash flow, wealth and prosperity and the water must be in a flowing position and it has to be placed in the right direction.

All the symbols are the source point of positive energy and they boost wealth vibes. The traditional practice of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui is believed to bring wealth, good luck and prosperity in life. In Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, there are other symbols that reflect prosperity, wealth and money and with the right placement and usage it is able to bring in money that you wish for.

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