No Time? No Money? No Problem! How Laughing Buddha Can Help You

No Time? No Money? No Problem! How Laughing Buddha Can Help You

Different representation of God of Wealth

Wealth is important and has been a part of human evolution and existence since ancient times. Many especially rulers have used it for the welfare of people and it is a kind of semi-divine aspect.


Meaning and different types of God of Wealth

  1. Kubera (Kuvera, Kuber or Kubera) is the King of nature spirits, an intelligent God and the God of Wealth. He is a true representation with glory, the earth, mountains, all treasure such as wealth, prosperity and glory. Kubera is easily recognized by a potbelly and in his left hand he will hold a pet mongoose. Kubera is known as the actual God of wealth and material possessions and has the ability to ignite your life desires, wealth, and prosperity.
  2. Laughing Buddha playing with children (usually five in number). This God of Wealth gives good luck for those who intend to create an environment full of laughter and happiness for a wholesome family. Accordingly, for prosperity, happiness and much more, the innocent Laughing Buddha is normally associated with five children that bring good luck and emit positive energies.
  3. Laughing Buddha with a bowl. Another version of God of Wealth is Laughing Buddha with a bowl who is identified as a monk who has been spending his whole life just for the people's happiness and enlightenment. To receive wealth, fortune, positive energy and wisdom from Laughing Buddha with a bowl (renunciation of material belonging and attain enlightenment).
  4. Laughing Buddha with a fan. The Laughing Buddha with a fan is another version of God of Wealth with a bottle gourd in another hand to bestow auspicious blessings, good health, prosperity, success and financial gains. It is said when the Laughing Buddha waves the fan all troubles will be chased away and bring happiness and joy.
  5. Laughing Buddha with a sack or bag. Another representation of a traveler is Laughing Buddha carrying a sack or bag slung from a wood branch. He seems to be collecting people's sadness, troubles, and woes and keep it his sack or bad. As a reminder, people are advised to rub his tummy everyday to invite wealth, luck, prosperity, happiness and joy.
  6. Laughing Buddha with beads or balls. Another famous version of the God of Wealth is the Laughing Buddha with beads or balls and he is said to be a monk who symbolizes meditation practice. The beads also reflect 'pearls of wisdom' and the ball is known as the ball of wealth which is known to bring prosperity, wealth, success and financial gains.
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