Quick Tips About Magickal Spellcards

Quick Tips About Magickal Spellcards

Quick Tips About Magickal Spellcards

The Magickal Spellcards are beautifully packaged, arriving in a protective box which contains a guidebook and the set of 45 cards. These spells are enchanted, loving exercises, sacred prayers-in-action to guide, support and activate your innate magickal powers. The result can be a more authentic, prosperous and blissful life. The in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook contains spellcasting, moon phases, magical correspondences and fascinating background information for each spell1.

In the introduction, Lucy Cavendish welcomes us to a “world of enchantment, empowerment and energetic change!” She encourages daily use of the Magickal Spellcards to “infuse life with a connection to the Divine, create daily ritual and engage the process of transformative change.” Seemingly written for the initiate to magick, Cavendish overviews divination basics such as “How to Create a Magickal Space,” “How to Work with your Magickal Spellcards,” and “How to Store and Re-energize your Magickal Spellcards.”1

I was intrigued by the overview of gods and goddesses, and fairies and mermaids, and curious how they would all be woven into the spells. Cavendish also provided information on a variety of magical tools and their symbolism, including the days of the week, the phases of the moon, essential oils, herbs and plants, colors, a magical book of shadow and light, and the Law of Three1.

The cards are made from durable card stock and have rounded corners, which makes them pleasing to the hand. Their surface is smooth and they shuffled easily. You will  enjoy the feeling of them. There is a lot of information on a wide variety of magical tools. In the introduction, the author Lucy Cavendish suggests either pulling or letting one Magickal Spellcard jump out at you, or doing a Spread of Spells such as a past, present, future three-card spread1.

Magickal Spellcards present enchanting spells that are loving exercises and sacred prayers-in-action to guide, support and activate your innate magickal powers. The result can be a more authentic, prosperous and blissful life. Respected witch and international bestselling author Lucy Cavendish has cast and crafted magickal spells for over 30 years. Now, in this deck/book set, she shares some of her most effective and trusted spells2.

This tried and tested collection will support you in: attracting a soul-mate, enhancing intuition, creating abundance, improving health, letting go gracefully, enjoying career success, and manifesting loving friendships. Each spell is sacred and purposeful, harnessing the energy of love and light, always for the highest good of all and of our planet. Allow these life-changing spells to bring love and healing magick into your life, as well as the lives of those you love2.

Lucy Cavendish, the author is a natural born witch who works with the elemental and celestial realms. She works magic every day of her life, embracing it as a creed for personal fulfillment and happiness, and as a belief system that sees us as part of nature, and thus gives us all the motivation to respect and revere and delight in our unique experience here on Planet Earth. She created Witchcraft magazine in 1992, the first magazine of its kind in the world. She is a feature writer for Spellcraft Magazine, Spheres, and has appeared in anthologies like Disinformation's Pop Goes The Witch! She appears regularly on mainstream and alternative television and radio, explaining the Craft and demonstrating magicks and the power of intuition. She is a founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia. Lucy currently lives in Sydney, Australia, with her daughter, and their menagerie of plants, animal companions, spirit beings and beloved elementals3.

My favorite card is the Love Card and the following is the description of the card. This is a very powerful love spell, empowered by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Call on her with this  magickal spell and she will aid you in your quest to be cherished and nourished by love. You can further empower the magick of this spell by thanking Aphrodite for her help and by smiling on lovers everywhere. Be a friend to love and she will be a friend to you4.

If the Universe sent you this card, know it is now time for you to invest some energy in your love life, into creating more loving energy within your relationships. The Universe is assuring you that love can be yours and that the goddess Aphrodite is willing to help you learn how to open your heart to receive more loving relationships into your life4.

If you have chosen this card, you know you are ready for love! You are willing to open up your beautiful heart and welcome divine love into your life. You are also ready to explore the wonder of opening your heart to another soul4

When we cast spells, we never interfere with the free will of another person – so please do not focus your energy on a particular individual. We are preparing our own selves for love and to become more attractive, warm and bright. We never cast a spell on another person, always respect free will and work magick with consent4.

You will need a red cloth, a red apple and a red candle. Lay the red cloth on your altar. Anoint the red candle with a little rose absolute essential oil (or substitute for another love oil), add it to your altar and light it. Visualise a circle of soft pink light all about you and your altar area. Chant these words three times, on a Friday night. It is best to do this during a new moon, waxing moon or full moon4.

Aphrodite I call to thee
To bring a true love here to me
Bring me kharis, pleasure, happiness
Bring me true love’s sweet caress
Open my heart, help me to find
A lover, a soul, faithful, divine
Sensual, strong, sweet and true
All this I do ask of you
Hail love and thee, sweet Aphrodite
By the power of three by three
As I do will, so mote it be4.

Take a few moments to truly feel your heart opening and Aphrodite’s energy joining you, empowering your quest for true love. When you feel her presence, hold out your red apple and let her energy enter the apple. Then slowly, with great intent, begin to eat the apple. When you have finished, blow out your candle, sending the energy out into the world. Then see the circle of pink light all about you shimmer, then dissolve, transmuting and being reabsorbed back into the energy of the Universe. Cleanse your space, thank Aphrodite and be ready to welcome true love into your life4.

Includes cards that are enchanted to help you tap in to the mystical powers of the Universe - and thus enrich your life. This deck helps you gain insight, grow in strength, and develop your own personal power, which guides you through your daily challenges.



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