Secrets That Experts Of Crystal Balls Don't Want You To Know

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Unlike natural crystal or quartz stone, Feng Shui crystal ball is a faceted glass ball. The science of Feng Shui states that the crystal ball must be hung from the ceiling by a red string. The diameter of the crystal ball must be around 40mm and the length of the red string can be in the multiplication of nine such as 18 inches, 27 inches or 36 inches. The crystal ball is mainly used to correct energy flow issues or to provide an auspicious flow of energy in your space.

Types and Placements of Feng Shui Crystal Balls

Generally there are two types of crystal balls with their specific feng shui uses:

  • Smooth sphere feng shui crystal ball
  • Multi Faceted orb feng shui crystal ball


To maximize the auspicious energies generated by the crystal balls, it can be displayed in specific rooms or the place where you want it to attract an abundance of energy. The following is the direction and the corresponding element colours that you can use as a guide:

  • Red crystal balls can be placed in South
  • Yellow or ochre crystal balls can be placed in Southwest or Northeast
  • White or various metal colors can be place in the Northwest
  • Black or blue crystal balls can be placed in North
  • Green crystal balls can be placed in East or Southeast

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