Self Love

Self Love

We have to believe that miracles really happen and one day a miracle will happen in our life. Anyone should entertain that feeling and be open to Nature as it is a matter of survival.

Every moment is lovely with everyone being safe, with no anger and no envy. Haters who live to hate, exercise power over those they hate. They are focused and relentless. Their hate is intense and more frightening.

There is no escape from this kind of person in our life. They are everywhere and at all places. Their unrelenting hunger for the belief of justice is that they are transforming from merely being a victim to an amazing transcendence of powerful physical entities.

Taking into confidence that people with kindness, love and of righteous quality are not easily approachable. There will be moments in life where wonderfully strange things happen and there might be hope in the world that the fantastic truth of what self love is will unravel. 

You have to love yourself with such devotion. Know that, you are special and never cast a doubt on it. You are fulfilling the greatest responsibility of your life with kindness and confidence. Nature is full of patterns, and life is full of coincidences.

You are able to heal your heart and attain the fullness of your soul. You are able to do anything that is good and fulfilling with an unlimited supply of affection. You are always happy.

Even on the occasion that you are sad, you are at the same time happy on top of the sadness. Your sadness is always secondary. Sometimes there will be sadness in not openly being all that you should be, the person that you really are. But, then again seek for happiness on top of your sadness.

Throughout history and across all cultures, self love has a supernatural meaning. What is it supposed to mean? What feelings is it intended to evoke? Everyone needs their privacy and trust but at the same time you need to seek connections.

In spite of the life that you are living, you should never be an anxious person. Foreboding, apart from full blown anxiety, always distracts your heart and mind, making progress less likely. If you are cast in a miserable situation from which you could not escape, love yourself.

You are what you are. Seek the truth and play it by your heart when the time comes. You can live a thousand lives with self love and learn to shape your own best kind of life. Seek the truth. Truth could not be redefined. Truth is what it is.

The simple task of finding the truth is complicated by the haystacks of lies. You have to sort through it to find the truth of your life. When you understand the truth of your life, you will better understand the way you need to live to have self respect for yourself and you have to feel it strongly.

Something extraordinary will happen to you and you will be able to transform yourself physically and intellectually. You will find something true and worth believing. What could be a promise more worth pursuing than the promise of self love, wealth, and fame.

Love yourself more than anything. That envy and coveting is the poisons from which arise the lust for power and all evil. That truth is essential for the flourishing of self love.


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