The Best Kept Secrets About Vulnerability

The Best Kept Secrets About Vulnerability

This blog gives an insight into the sufferings and humiliations faced by a victim of vulnerability torn between self-respect and self-esteem, and the vicious attitudes, failures, and shortcomings of human conditioning. Yet, at its core, it is a story of free will. A story where free will fuels the desire to challenge fate. 

This, thus, is the narrative of countless women who brave themselves against vulnerability through intense emotional conquests and are still constantly caught in a whole new spin of vulnerability. It is the story of a woman who dared to challenge destiny through her free will but was still caught in the cycle of vulnerability.

The more you muster control over your emotions, the more you wish to find some solace and peace in life. So you twist the hands of fate slightly and seek solace within social connections, personal friendships, and relationships. That way, you wish to be free from the infinite entrapments of sadness, hurt and emotional turmoil. 

Even though in the beginning it is supposed to be calming and soothing your state of vulnerability and helps with your personal growth, then you realize that you have committed an error of judgment that makes you suffer from mental anguish. The results of the act of thoughtlessness and corruptive minds inadvertently crush your dreams and jeopardize your happiness. 

You felt hot tears stinging your eyes as you accepted your predicament. It will always be a difficult lesson that will stay with you for a long time to come. Somewhere, somehow some words stirred up some forgotten warnings about the true nature of the Universe.

You have taken those theories with a pinch of salt and never imagined them to be this literal, faster, and quicker. Now, you are learning it all the hard way. You shook your head in despair, this lesson will not be forgotten easily.

You know as well as I do, or perhaps even better, that you have been letting your passions rule over reason. The heart and the head just never match up to the fact that the Universe has a better plan because the mind actively plays tricks. Even feelings of love fail to rid you of your negative emotions. 

The Universe acts only to free you from a doomed future. As you are aware, it takes time for the heart to accept what the mind already knows. Even though we realize the futility of clinging to another person, we still do it. You might wonder whether you still have to embark on the journey that is predestined. "Yes, my dear."

You will be nudged in a way that will lead you towards your final destination. You will have to let go of your desire and live life the way the Universe wants. Does destiny bring about the journey and make us live through vulnerability and help us grow? Subconsciously, you will realize, this is the very thought that will push you into finding your destiny! As vulnerability brings more pain--it is the pain worth the gain because the Universe is working to assist you to your next step in spiritual evolution as an individual.

So does that mean one shouldn’t exhibit vulnerability? It is this crushing vulnerability that will lead you on the journey of self-discovery. Had you not been pushed into a corner, you will never have attempted anything. 

Once again does one control the vulnerability and be suppressed? As you struggle to gain control over your emotions, you strive to break the boundaries. With each step, you have to be stronger by relinquishing control and be vulnerable and take a plunge and just allow and accept the lessons. As anger and despair flow out from you, you will feel free from all desires.

And how does one know the lesson is accomplished after all and the lesson is learned and bear no more pain and not be vulnerable ever again? As the purpose of your life becomes clear, you will feel a great burden lift off your shoulder. You will finally understand that a human's ultimate destiny is to become the master of their destiny.

And destiny is not just in obtaining material wealth only but also in realizing their full spiritual potential. As and when you can manage to control your primeval emotions, you cannot be free from being vulnerable. Your greatest achievement will be your victory over your own heart and senses.

Will vulnerability be part of the human experience till one transition?  It is not about religion or spirituality. It is about being vulnerable in discovering one's own latent potential to take charge of her or his destiny. Human emotions haven't changed since time immemorial yet transitions are not confined to human psychology only.

Someone rightly said no pain no certainly feels I am finally on track to understand what the old age idioms and phrases mean lately! You may believe everything, or take it with a pinch of salt, but either way, you will find trials and tribulations and be torn between duty and desire. Only the Universe knows how the mind works!

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