The Biggest Problem With Food Grains, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problem With Food Grains, And How You Can Fix It

Which are known as food grains?

A grain product is any food that is made from rice, wheat, barley, cornmeal, oats, or any other cereal grain. Examples of products made from food grains are such as tortillas, bread, cereals, pasta, grits, popcorn, oatmeal etc.

Storing foods according to Vastu Shastra Tips

Scientifically, it is very important to store food grains near the kitchen and accessible for cleaning and the following are certain tips that helps

  • Northwest direction storage space is used to store daily use food grains as it invites good luck, prosperity and wealth
  • Southwest direction storage space is used to store annual provisions

These directions are important because the energy that it creates helps in strengthening the economy of the household and for gaining recognition and respect.

Storing food grains by using Feng Shui

Feng Shui teaches how to store food grains in a safe and secure manner so that it brings in money, wealth, prosperity and happiness:

  • Always keep the containers closed when food grains are stored in it
  • Make sure that water does not seep inside the food grains containers
  • Put currency note in a red envelope and place it down in the container before it is filled with food grain with the belief that there will be no food shortage 
  • Make sure there are some grains inside the containers and never leave it entirely empty
  • The containers must be positioned on the ground or on a stable and strong cupboards and they should not prone to accidental fall
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