The Most Pervasive Problems in Money Direction

The Most Pervasive Problems in Money Direction

Money Direction

As per Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, money direction is very important and is identified in order to enhance the energy in that particular direction. A house built facing North directions is auspicious for prosperity and the far left back corner is the wealth corner (south-west).

South-west or also known as the earth corner takes precedents in making sure financial stability and the ground for wealth growth. South-east also is known to be a direction which invites wealth and money in life. The direction defines the kind of positive energy that attracts wealth, prosperity, and money.

North Direction

The North Direction is known as Lord Kubera direction and he is the God of Wealth. Vastu Shastra believes that by keeping Lord Kubera happy and pleased, then he will fulfill all the wealth and money desired.

In practice, the North is the most strongest magnetic field and by activating the energy in that direction, it will be able to facilitate the flow of wealth energy and also be able to unlock deserved riches. In order to improve the financial situation, North direction is the best place to keep money.

Placing a green vase with a money plant in the North direction helps in attracting money and better career opportunities. So it is advisable to ensure a north-facing plot or north-facing home as they are the most auspicious.

According to the feng shui compass, the North direction represents your career advancement, longevity and business opportunity and the element is water and the color is blue and black.

The direction of money and wealth is also known as the North Direction. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui has been highlighting some specific recommendations to increase the positive vibrations that emanate from the North Direction and also to assist new positive energy in order to attract money and make sudden windfall wherever possible. The most helpful tools in attracting money and wealth is by placing decorative waterfalls, water fountains or aquariums that give the best results.

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