The Truth About Leadership Is About To Be Revealed.

I pursue my writing as a passion and my favorite genre is spirituality. It is a massive task because the intended messages must reach the audience without any obstruction. In order to do that, I have to take a 360 degree view of all that matters.

I feel a deep calm in encompassing all possible ways a leader will begin her or his journey and take the first step toward salvation. Each of the stories of your ancestors will inspire you to achieve something great in your life. The time will come for you to actually put all of this to use.

First and foremost, to be a true leader, it is your duty to look after the well-being of your subjects more than your own family and relatives. You have to spend as much time as possible towards your duties and be perfectly capable of making your own decisions as and when you feel right.

Your words must provide great encouragement and your promises must fulfill their expectations! The effort that you have put in to become a brave, strong and independent leader must be exceptional. With the blessings of the Universe, I am sure you will achieve all the great dreams in your life.

Leaders do not waste time unnecessarily and are always single-mindedly focused on achieving their goal. It is important for all members under your leadership to have the same goal and it will be very interesting to note that standing together they can bring their collective desires to fruition.

Even though trust and collective spirit is very important in achieving ambitions, negative energies can still exist. As a leader you have to make your subject understand that, as a group, you can only thrive if each member can let go of their individual greed and think about the community as a whole. If not, it is easy for human beings to return to base nature and destroy all that has been achieved.

Alas, it is your duty as a leader to protect and serve your subjects and make them progress materially and spiritually. The path that you lead them must benefit them and their family in the long run and change their future. As a leader you have to confront challenges that look you in the face and fight it.

You must not lose hope and be confident in executing your plans meticulously. What is to transpire in future will be a culmination of the events that take place among yourselves. You have to preserve and bear all the tribulations and misfortunes to turn the tide towards you.

Destiny has already planned a good future for you. However much importance is given to free will, in the end, you still cannot escape from fate. So, always welcome everyone with the heart to follow you with genuine happiness. Understand and accept destiny light-heartedly and listen with care the beratement from your subject.

Strive to better the love of your subjects and nurture their life. Pay attention to what your subject may have in their mind and their dreams. Be gracious and apologize if it's your fault and don't be self-centered. Fulfill all their desires to the best of your abilities.

Remember that your subjects believe in your words and will appreciate the efforts you are taking to assist them. When you make a promise, make sure to fulfill it as early as possible so that one's mind is free of any burden. Work out solutions for the entire subjects who depend on you. 

Finally, you have to make your family members understand and assist in your public life. Your family must be instrumental in keeping your personal as well as professional lives in balance. They must support you to wither events that will be difficult even for the strongest of persons to face.

You will be destined to reach the highest spiritual platform and grow into a brilliant strategist. So, speak patiently to people who flock to you and stress to them the need to be united. No matter what the issues are, put it for discussion amongst your people and let them decide.

If they care as much for you as you do for them, then they will make the right decision and work together for success. Then you will know that you are on the right path because you have taken the problem to the people and involved them in the decision-making process. These traits are the hallmark of a true leader.

Keep in mind that there is no correct answer to all our situations and we have to face the world with what we think is the best course of action. So do remember, leadership does not imply control over your subjects, rather, it means hard work and tough decision-making, sometimes even at the cost of your personal happiness.

People are more devoted to a leader that endures great sacrifices. May your knowledge of Justice guide your subjects into prosperity and lead you to spiritual upliftment.

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Theresa Mills

All suggestions valid! My favorites: • “As a leader you have to make your subject understand that, as a group, you can only thrive if each member can let go of their individual greed and think about the community as a whole.” • “…leadership does not imply control over your subjects, rather, it means hard work and tough decision-making…”

Theresa Mills

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