Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Green Trees

Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Green Trees

Green Trees

Green trees are important for many reasons but the most vital is for life to exist. They are the source of oxygen and filtration of carbon dioxide, home to countless organisms, and an excellent source for all needs. The emergence of green trees is the beginning of utopia for all living beings from 300 million years ago, transforming the lives of animals and our ancestors' housing, feeding and nurturing. Do not take green trees for granted because living beings can not survive without them.

We are highly dependent on green trees and the existence of 3 trillion trees currently is not enough due to our greed giving space for streets to take over old-growth jungles. We seek short-term benefits by cutting down millions of trees against long-term risks of declining fauna, desertification and global warming.

Please do understand that Green Trees are more sustainable for a longer time with enormous resources and we have a need to protect them. Agriculture is one culprit that takes away nearly half the rate of trees from nature since it was introduced about 12,000 years ago until now. And other human activities contribute to more and more devastation towards the greenery.

Do remember that we are more joyful, happier, calmer, stress free, innovative and enjoyable when there are trees around. Many religions, cultures and spirituality is based on getting connected to nature and Green Trees. As a matter of fact, Green Trees are living things who have their own set of needs and dynamism and they interact with all living things on Earth.

Interesting Facts About Green Trees

  1. There are more than 80,000 edible species of plants.
  2. Research shows that landscapes with green trees are directly related to lower crime rates.
  3. The green trees are able to give out 260 million more tons of oxygen and scrub 10 million tons of carbon dioxide by planting nearly more than 20 million green trees.
  4. The tree limbs are not round and there is an upper side and lower side to support their weight.
  5. Trees visible organs of reproduction-flowers reproduce by seeds and they are phanerogams.
  6. The tree barks are thicker for those trees growing under the sun.
  7. Trees communicate among themselves and signal dangers. They also release chemicals such as phenolics to protect themselves against insects.
  8. The root system absorbs nutrients and water and carries it through connective tissues towards the leaves where it makes sugar and transfers down to the root through the connective tissues.
  9. There is a documented oldest bristlecone pine tree known as Methuselah and its location is kept secret.
  10. Research shows patients in a hospital who are able to see green trees heals faster and get discharged earlier from the hospital.
  11. Shopping districts with trees are favorable among shoppers and they tend to spend more money, stay longer and rate the stores more.
  12. A group of quaking aspens nicknamed Pando is the world's oldest clonal tree cluster which is estimated to be about 80,000 years old and weighs 6,000 tons found in UTAH, USA and the DNA testing proves it as the world's oldest living entity and the heaviest.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui of Green Trees

Green trees and plants are excellent bad and malefic vibrations and energy repulsive from entering and circulating inside a space. The green trees are capable in creating a positive atmosphere and environment that proves to be beneficial to the occupants to create harmony, balance, health and wealth. Green trees also welcome positive energies from entering a space and their medicinal and paranormal essence cleanses and purifies a space.

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