Things Nobody Told You About Fuk, Luk, And Sau

Things Nobody Told You About Fuk, Luk, And Sau

Trinity Deities

Fuk Luk Sau are known as the Gods for Health (Fuk), Wealth (Luk) and Abundance (Sau). Combinedly they are also famously known as the three (3) wise men of the Folklore.

Fuk Luk Sau are the common symbol of Feng Shui which are popular in many Asian Countries.

The trinity of deities as they are commonly known also does represent prosperity, authority and longevity are known as essential elements to achieve inner balance and harmony as they are known to channel celestial energies for the benefit of humankind.

According to Science of Feng Shui, the three deities are represented by their individual figurines and they are always kept together.  Their placement from left to right is Sau (Left), Luk (Centre), and Fuk (Right).


The deity Fuk represents planet Jupiter and is known to give luck, happiness, prosperity and wealth. Luk the deity is seen as holding golden ingots is the personification that attracts stability, fame, popularity, success and financial abundance. Sau, who is the symbol of immortality, is depicted as elderly man with a dragon-edged staff and a nectar bottle.

These three auspicious statues serve as excellent Feng Shui figurines and are recommended to be positioned in a high energy zone such as the living room or dining room. It is advised not to improperly place the figurines especially in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. This act of improper positioning of the powerful deities is considered disrespectful.

Alignment of The Deities

The way you position the deities figurines according to Feng Shui will be beneficial. In this way the trinity will be able to radiate positive energies all around. You have to make sure that the statues are made from high quality materials and carved aesthetically.

Make sure you position them in the right line up-their placement from left to right is Sau (Left), Luk (Centre), and Fuk (Right) with a solid wall behind them. If you place them inside a room, make sure they are at a prominent place and the statues should be placed facing inside the room and not directly facing the main door.

It is very important to position the deities on a platform or table which are at a minimum of three feet from the ground and make sure they are not positioned under a beam. Keep their surroundings free of clutter and offer them with fresh flowers, lighted candles and incense.

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