This Story Behind Nature Will Haunt You Forever!

This Story Behind Nature Will Haunt You Forever!

All our problems in life can be overcome by following a wise and righteous way of life. Do not let our blinding revenge sacrifices the glory of our lifetime. Do not succumb and keep on living on in hatred, deceit, conspiracy and violent conflicts. Worship knowledge because it is the very soul of society. Through literature, nature sciences and spirituality, we will be the recipient of divine blessings from the primordial energy who are the casual forces of creation itself. 

Even though we have our worries. Do not bring yourself to hate everything and everyone. That emotional venom will surely and slowly transform you into a monstrous soul. Command your life in the service of God and people. Be graceful and devoted, loved and revered for your charisma, social service and profound learning. Be a model of love, trust, simplicity, and togetherness.  

The might of nature around us are not ordinary. No one knew from where or when they started existing on Earth. No one knows what the purpose of their existence is and never questioned it. No one had an idea from where they draw their boundless power. But we know they controlled everything--the jungle, the animals, the atmosphere, the rivers and even the energy. The only thing that at times seemed inexplicably out of bounds for nature is the "free human will." 

Yet despite the boundless power that Nature wielded, they are the gentlest and the most loving benefactors of the society. It is said that even the bond with nature is enough to cleanse the karmic-debt of a thousand rebirths. Divine blessings from them can heal even the most dreadful of sickness. The incessant existence of nature protects everyone and everything. You can feel their dominating presence in everything around you. 

Nature is present in the trees, in the gushing rivulet, in the pebbles under our feet, in the breeze and in the mighty peaks. Nature is believed to be the guardians left behind on our world by the primordial energy, after the completion of the creation. Nature is reinforced with the fiery strength of ultimate penance. With a streak of the Universe in them, they are the last real presence of the Creator on our Earth.

Nature always responds to our call and the elements of nature will carry our messages. You can hear the forest, the mountains, the stream, and the breeze  come in unison, resonating the most powerful sound of the Universe--Oum. Nature's energy will not walk up to you. Nature did not suddenly appear out of nowhere around us. They seem to be one with the mountains and the forest. They seem to rise up seamlessly from the pebbles under the flowing stream. 

They branch out in human shape from the barks of mighty conifers. They take shape from the mouths of hidden caves in the grayish blue mountains. The energy from nature is soothing as the healing touch of a loving mother. A bond with that nature is more peaceful than a hundred years of deep meditation, gaining the love and the blessings of the Universe. You will experience a deep sense of satisfaction in the vicinity of Nature. 

Nature's inner spiritual power radiates for miles around them, offering rejuvenation and life-energy to every living organism. Being with nature means absorbing their indescribable vitality from the very epicenter. You will soak in every wave of the invisible but potent nectar. Everything about Nature is an extremity--their love, their benevolence, their patience, their power and their wrath.

When we are surrounded by nature, we can feel the entire Universe smiling at us. The birds broke into a chirpy flight. The water stream seemed to have raised the sounds of its flowing. The flowers appeared to be blooming all at once. Be overwhelmed at the assurance that you will be delivering your material duties of this life and you can find enlightenment. With Nature you can find righteous and powerful gathering of souls filled with hope and expectation. 

You can sense their indescribable and probably undeserved devotion to Nature. You will know that the hour of meaning that you have always searched for your entire life will be there for you. Your soul enjoys the blessings of your family, and of every ancestor and elders for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. It is this clarity of thinking and priority that will make you. 

You can find powers through meditation and practices. It will endow you with profound wisdom, boundless strength and spiritual supremacy. And with you meditating in Nature, will enrich your soul with deep compassion and humility. Try to conquer your anger because it is a destructive emotion so well known to be the darkest curse. The Universe will test you beyond your endurance. And you will fail. You will unleash your deadly wrath on not just your enemies but also upon anyone and everyone who came in the way. 

Anger is the darkest poison and you will forget completely your falling during this spell of blind rage. It is a declaration of war on Nature themselves! But then again, the blackest of evilness and the whitest of greatness, both live in the same heart, decreased or increased at the command of the soul. You are going to sin like a human. And whether you will repent like a God is entirely on you.

At times you will realize that manic thinking will creep into your mind. You can sense that something is completely off. You will find it difficult to subconsciously fight the effect of whatever it is that makes you unnaturally angry. If you cannot have complete control over your mind, body, nerves and spirits then you will succumb to the after effects of evil and be a demented beast. Always remember that love is pride, soul, promise and the whole world. 

There is an ultimate power God grants women, which has the will to change the world. Whether it is for the betterment or for the destruction, depends entirely on the woman who yields that power. It is a woman that is the progenitor of the entire creation. Yet it is usually a woman that is the reason for the bloodiest of wars. Man is but a channel for the will of the woman who yields the power. Do not let your personal shortcomings turn you to a personification of hate, envy, and greed. Do not let yourself be violent and cruel and inflict inhuman pain on others. Do not put your loved ones in emotional captivity. 

Try to be an extraordinary soul and use your craft to the betterment of the individual and the society. As a human, be a better one with the goodness of your heart.

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