Too old to learn? Certainly not with my daughter.

Too old to learn? Certainly not with my daughter.

There is some truth in all the mother-daughter bonds in the world. I learnt more from the amazing visit by my sweetest darling daughter 💕.

There is something different about her--she amazes me at a deeper level which is something new. Even though we are separated by physical distance, I was surprised to meet a well-mannered young lady who is soft-spoken and polite. 

In spite of her humility, her keen intelligence is so obvious to me that it is almost like a visible aura. Whatever it is, I feel expanded and proud at so many levels.

It is certainly a new way to be a parent. The way she is, even if I was not with her, chances are she has grown up well. The way she treats others is evident and it just melted my heart. 

I pride myself on being her mother who learned more about her daughter years too late and there is so much love in her and she keeps offering it without any limitations. She is able to cope with any situation and is not easily scared. 

Her promptness with little kids brims with fun and excitement and she turns to be one when she is interacting with them and her confidence draws the kids towards her. To be such a magnetic person is a wonder and she is able to communicate with a one year old with such ease. Beauty of it  flowers in my heart and is an amazing sight to behold. I am proud of her; she is smart, so compassionate, a loving soul and her energy is inspiring. 

I realize that she loves people, no matter who they are, she does not have any prejudice and is full of compassion. Her presence highlights all her virtues and makes me dejected on how much I have been missing all her virtues. Who would not fall in love with her? I fell hard in love with her and cherish her presence more than anything in the whole world. 

I did see her openness, it became undeniable that she is always a true understanding and kind soul capable of showing maturity beyond her age that people like you and me will recognize. She is in her territory and in form and able to mold and change accordingly. That is true dynamics and I feel so good about her. 

To me, she is so polite and observant and she just lets things unfold. Her smile enchants, her greetings are precious and her sweet gesture uplift any souls that crosses paths with her and she keeps on winning hearts. 

She is my child, who had been conceived with so much love and brought into the world with the hope that she will find in it the wonder, the joy, and truth of things that makes a life worth living. 

Being in her presence is like sharing all the good virtues and demeanor and the intelligence that sometimes made her seem like a little woman patiently waiting to be done being a teenager.

She grew, she welcomed changes, she labored to maturity, to what wisdom she acquired. I wish for her to touch me, snuggle against me and hug me and transmit all the sweetness and I can be as good as new again like a newly born, a reckoning. 

For a teenager so young, it feels like she understood the concept of consequences, that one person’s right action produces another person’s happiness. Cherishing this wisdom, I realize that she has already been cured in the brine of grief, and a consequence of that is a regard for the feelings of others that few teenagers have at her age and that some people never acquired. 

She can handle any interrogation or unpleasantness and at the same time be able to turn the favor towards her by impressing others with such great confidence. Friendship formed quickly with neighbors, effortlessly, for everyone recognizes her attitudes and convictions without the need to explain herself. 

Sometimes it seems to me that she is brought by providence, in preparation for all the seeds she is able to sow in other people. She makes an excellent counsel, a natural conversationalist and obvious connections to add value to someone’s life. She is simply a genius, willing, bold and strong that she is comfortable in her own skin. 

Thank you for my daughter, the best daughter ever, so God please keep her really safe and bring her back to me really soon, like not a year from now but like really, really soon. 

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A true feeling and exceptionally well written. You are a proud mother indeed and your daughter is blessed to have a mother like you. Wishing all of you much love and happiness.



cathie coon

So so so beautifully written.
Coming right from your heart. Even I experienced some of her virtues you have mentioned in our brief interaction. God bless her and wish her all the best to get into her dream college and bright future. Hoping to meet her soon again and we four can do a mother daughter dine out…
Thanks for sharing this beautiful
Write up


Thank you for sharing that incredibly beautiful writing. I am so happy for you. You are precious and you brought forth a precious daughter 💕
A joyful miracle that will continue to grow and blossom!


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