Unconditional and Selfless Love

Unconditional and Selfless Love

Love is and will always be unconditional and that is what I learned from the Universe. Too often we find ourselves in relationships based on conditional love whether we like it or not. It ranges from friendships, romantic partners, and even family members; and that seems to work perfectly in this world. But it will not work for someone who yearns unconditional love and that is why there is a lot of love failure, incompatibility, ego clashes and so on.

In conditional love, as long as you do what someone says, as long as you do what that person wants, that person will “love” you and that is how conditional love works. But when you don’t match what that person wants you to be and how the person wants you to express love, then they take away their “love” for you and label you as someone who does not know how to love or blame you for eternity.

But here’s the thing that I wish to share with you. It never was love in the first place and it will never be. Love is not conditional and it is not bound by any restrictions. If someone truly loves you, then they love you for who you are inside and not for any other reasons. 

In the manner of speaking, someone doesn’t stop loving you because you did something they didn’t like or because you didn’t do what they expected you to do. Not only that, someone doesn’t stop loving you because they’re upset with you or you’re upset with them due to any reasons. 

Apart from that, someone doesn’t love everything they do and everything that you do. They have different opinions than you do, different lifestyles, and different perspectives that may lead to arguments which will happen very frequently but when they love you as a whole person, then it is an unconditional love. 

In unconditional love; people love your spirit, your essence, and that’s what drew them into you in the first place. Love is and always will be unconditional and undiminished. Love extinguishes the deep and dark fear that seems to engulf the soul of many people. The world has been waiting to welcome unconditional and selfless love with open arms.

I could not help but admire that love is selfless. Love doesn’t think it owns you, because it knows it doesn’t own you and don't be shocked with this directness. It is not possessive and full of respect. 

It doesn’t get mad when you spend time with other people or yourself because it understands your needs. It doesn’t demand your attention all the time because it knows you have responsibilities. Love is a wonderful guide, walking its students through the trails of emotions with feelings that keeps them mesmerized. Love's strategy is simple. It believes that people who enjoy life will be more selfless, be more responsible, and more curious and love more.

It doesn’t feel like you owe it simply because it gives you love and that is the basic nature of love. It understands that you’re a person and don’t belong to anyone and not bound by any relationship. Love is devoted to the selfless person. It is almost as if the person cast a spell upon love. Love through the years will patiently nurture. Love always encourages and tries to bring out the best in people.

Instead, love celebrates all your little and big wins in life, all your happiness and sadness in life. Love smiles in your face in the morning because it cares about you as your whole self and not only a part of you. Love encourages and has the ability to inspire people. Somehow, people don't seem to understand that there are some things that love could not say, things love could not share. 

Love hypes you up when you’re feeling down, reminding you of all the greatness that you possess inside of you and how many people feel the same way about you and it will keep on burning the fire in you. The presence of selfless love is a confirmation of what people believe to be true. Why some people will display such animosity is beyond anyone's understanding especially those people who will harbor a grudge.

Finally, Love does not seek to possess you but to embrace you for who you are and it makes sure to grow with you infinitely. Nothing in this world happens by pure chance. There is no such thing as luck or whatsoever. There is only karma. You create your luck by your own actions, both this life and your previous life and other past lives. But it is not my intention to give you a lecture on Karma or spirituality.

People can be so melodramatic. All that they want is some freedom and Love is liberating. Love wants you to be who you are and builds you up as a person and makes you what you are, which enables you to find your own special powers in life. Love makes you a better learning person and allows you to find your own way. 

It doesn’t tell you who you should or shouldn’t be and not make you useless and helpless. Love doesn’t tell you to behave a certain way because it’s the “right” way or berate you for doing things the “wrong” way because there is no such thing as right and wrong in love and there is no explanation for that. 

Love simply exists, and that’s all it ever wants you to be, too and nothing else. Love wants you to work on growing every day and appreciating things about yourself and life and that is how it will work. Just give love some time. There is a good reason for everything that love does. There is nothing you can do but accept things as they are and hope for the best.

Love wants you to explore and experiment with things that interest you, spending time with people who care about you, and committing your time to causes that you’re passionate about and that is what your priority should be. Love is free, and it wants you to be free, too, from all the pressure that comes from nothing. The familiar feeling of being stifled is not the love way. If you feel that you are living in a gilded prison. Protected but unable to either assert yourself or leave. Then that is not love and it is an unhappy life. 

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