Undeniable Proof That You Hate Headaches

Undeniable Proof That You Hate Headaches


The middle age Europeans were depending on poultices soaked in opium and vinegar solutions applied on the head for headache treatment where the vinegar acts to open up the scalp pores while the opium absorbs and sedates the pain.

The rarest headache is a disorder by the name of hemiplegic migraine where the affected person will undergo migraine headache with one side of the body becoming weak (hemiplegia). In another word the affected people describe their headache as migraine with aura.

In the modern world, the first research on headache in the lab was carried out by Harold Wolffe in the 1930s where headaches are described as aching, throbbing, pounding, pulsating, pressure, pins and needles and stabbing. The study and experiments provided evidence that vascular dilation can be one of the causes of headache. 

A headache that starts at the brainstem which is the lower part of the brain is known as migraine with brainstem aura (MBA) or formerly recognized as basilar migraines. The common symptoms of MBA are dizziness, lack of coordination, and double vision. 

Classic migraine or migraine with aura is a recurring headache due to a sensory disturbances known as aura which includes blind spots, flashes of light, tingling in hand or face, or other changes in the vision. 

Nummular headache or also known as coin-shaped headache is a mild or moderate continuous intensity pain in a small confined round or elliptical area within the diameter of 2 to 6 cm. 

Danger Signs of Headache

The most common variety of headaches are tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraine, sinus headaches, and headaches that originate in the neck. There are also mild headaches that run together with viral illnesses, cold, flu or while having fever. Headaches which do not go away are an indication of more serious issues and need medical care urgently.

Headaches That Causes Emergency

If there is a problem with the blood vessels in the body or any kind of brain bleeding can cause headaches and the following are the problems that might exist that causes headaches.

Headache due to an abnormal connection between the brain's arteries and veins that usually forms before birth or known as cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

A stroke  or brain attack that happens when blood flow to a part of the brain stops or due a burst of brain's blood vessels will cause headaches.

Brain Aneurysm or also known as cerebral aneurysm or intracranial aneurysm causes headaches and it is due to the blood vessel wall weakening that at any time it can bulge or balloon out or crack and cause brain bleeding.

Bleeding in the brain is known as intracerebral hematoma while bleeding around the brain can be 

Unusual Headaches

The first unusual headache is orgasmic headache. Oh yeah. You got it right. It happens just right before or at the time of sexual orgasm. And the pain is unbearable like a thunderclap headache.

The second unusual headache is known as icepick headache which generally affects those who already have migraines or cluster headaches and they usually feel a sudden and severe stab of pain to the head.

There is a new headache in the block and it is known as the new daily persistent headache because the only someone who has suffered headaches before will suddenly have onset headaches and the person will suffer daily and the headache will be persistent and at times mimic either a tension headache or migraine.

And then there is weekend headache which is normally caused by caffeine withdrawal which leads to blood vessels dilation and likely to develop on weekends after 12 to 24 hours of the last coffee.

Headache Triggers and How to Fix

Do not oversleep or sleep in extra during the weekends because the body will notice the stress hormone level to drip and will send impulse to blood vessels to constrict and dilate which will cause massive headache. If possible, have some relaxation time instead of oversleeping.

Pent up anger or when you get angry will cause tension headaches because the body gets tensed up. So whenever you feel like losing your cool, then try to breathe through your nose deeply and slowly  and exhale through your mouth slowly to relax the head, neck and body muscles.

Poor posture leads to body tension especially in the upper back, neck and shoulders that causes pain throbs at the skull base and sometimes it gets flashed onto the face especially forehead. So it is advisable to periodically change the sitting or standing position. Always sit up straight and support the lower back.

Almost many household items contain chemicals that can cause headaches such as cleaners, detergents, perfumes, air fresheners, soaps, etc.

In case you notice that your headaches are caused by strong smells, then it is good to avoid those household items and air conditioner and make sure the doors and windows are open and allow as much air as possible.

Weather also can affect headaches especially with chilled wind, high humidity, increasing temperatures and storms. Scientifically changes in pressure causes changes in weather and will activate changes in the brain's chemical and electrical impulses that irritates the nerves and this will cause headaches. You can take painkillers when you are about to have a headache during the weather change.

Night grinding of teeth or known as bruxism will cause headache due to jaw muscles contracting. In the case of grinding teeth, a dentist can fix it by fitting your mouth with a mouth guard to protect your teeth at night.

Flickering or bright or glaring lights can cause migraines due to the activation of certain brain chemicals which in turn affects the migraine center. You can use sunglasses, polarized lens, control monitor or screen lighting, turn off lights and substitute with other types of lighting. 

There are certain food items that have chemicals that can lead to migraine. You have to identify which food causes it and remove it from your diet to see the effect it has on your headaches. 

For many men and women sex headaches during orgasm is an issue due to build up of pressure in the muscles of head and neck. This headache can happen anytime during the conjugation and duration differs from a few minutes or up to an hour. In case you are having this kind of headache, just pop up painkillers a few hours earlier before your session.

Home Remedy

WorldTrend is going to share with you the easiest and simple home remedy that proves beneficial for relieving even the most chronic headache. First you need to soak your head fully and thoroughly with water and wrap a thin wet cotton cloth or towel around your head. Then take some hot water (must be in the right hotness) and immerse your feet in the water for roughly 20 minutes. If you still feel the headache, then please change the wet cloth or towel around your head every 5 minutes. Then take a bath which will also give you relief from the headache. Do not forget to eat a lot of fresh fruits and drink plenty of water mixed with lime juice. If possible try to go outdoors and be in the fresh air.

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