What do you need to know about warm water

What do you need to know about warm water

Culture of Warm Water

Many Indian cultures have meals with warm water and it is a common sight not only at households but also in restaurants. According to Siddha medicine and Chinese traditional medicine, balance is the key. Warm water is known to balance cold and humidity which is able to enhance the circulation of blood and release of toxins. The fact that chilled water shocks the digestive system while warm water helps in better digestion is age old knowledge.



Warm water helps with congestion by easily loosening up clogged sinuses and even reduces sinus headaches. Drinking warm water helps warm mucous membranes throughout sinuses and the throat and also is able to treat sore throat due to mucus buildup. For better congestion relief, warm water with lemon and honey will do wonders. Warm salt water gargling also aids in removing respiratory tract mucus.



Drinking warm water helps with digestion because it keeps the system moving. As the warm water courses through the throat, stomach and intestines; it equips the body for a better digestion and regular bowel movement. When warm water dilates the blood vessels in the stomach this boosts digestion because it is closer to the temperature of the body's internal organs. 


It is also imperative to drink warm water when you wake up in the morning because it will kick start your digestion system and flush out toxins. Drinking warm water during a meal also emulsifies fats and breaks down food faster which also helps in digestion.


Central Nervous System

Drinking warm water has a calming effect on the central nervous system and lubricates the body. So you can feel less anxious and it decreases the stress level. This results in fewer aches, pains and a healthy nervous system because warm water is easily processed and allows for a faster functionality.


Drinking warm water also helps people with arthritis who need frequent central nervous system calmness and a better circulation. Research has shown that warm water has a great effect upon the autonomic nervous system which allows the brain to function optimally. The nervous system easily can communicate with other parts of the body that increases alertness, improves memory, focus and attention.



Drinking warm water is one the most effective methods to relieve and prevent constipation. Warm water helps to soften the stool and makes it easier to pass motion. It also reduced the risk of constipation by supporting regular bowel movement.


Research states that warm water has great effects on intestinal movements and is able to relieve gastrointestinal spasms. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning stimulates bowel movements because it acts as a vasodilator.



You will become less thirsty when you drink warm water and it is a great way to stay hydrated.


Weight Loss

There was a study that was published in 2003 that states drinking warm water can increase weight loss. Drinking warm  water helps in the process of weight loss in three ways:

  • Increasing metabolism. Drinking warm water changes body temperature and to compensate for it, the body will lower down the body internal temperature and boost the metabolism.
  • Cuts down fat. Warm water breaks down the body fat and makes them into molecules where it will be easier for the digestive system to absorb it.
  • Manage appetite. Warm water aids in managing appetite. Drinking warm water will make you feel full and manage the intake of calories.



Drinking warm water is good for blood circulation because it is a vasodilator and the heat warms up the body, expands the blood vessels and helps the blood to flow and improve circulation. A better blood circulation through arteries and veins helps muscles to relax, reduces pain, lower the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease. Improvements in blood circulation supports a better flow to muscles and organs for better health.



Since drinking warm water helps the functions of the central nervous system, it might also decrease stress and anxiety levels. Warm water does provide a safe and relaxing way to unwind and keep the stress level down, reduce anxiety and relaxes the muscles and cope more effectively with the challenges of daily life physically and mentally.



Drinking warm water aids in toxins flush and helps the body to detoxify. By drinking warm water, it raises body temperature and causes sweating that expels toxins that have accumulated in fatty tissue including sodium and lactic acid and cleanses the skin pores effectively. A glass of warm water regularly keeps you healthy and fit because it has the capacity to flush out fat-soluble toxins and chemicals from the body through perspiration.



Achalasia is a rare disorder that makes it difficult for the esophagus to move the food into the stomach. Warm water drinking therapy helps the patients of Achalasia where they chew food carefully and swallow with hot soup. They also will drink warm water before and after meals and also 2 hours before sleep to digest more comfortably.



Generally drinking warm water has no harmful effects and is safe to use as a remedy but drinking water that is too hot can damage the esophagus, burn taste buds, and scald the throat and tongue.


Bottom Line

Warm water is a natural immune booster which is clearly stated in many ancient annals. Drinking warm water has its own benefits such as easing appetite, reduces indigestion, stimulates flatulence, helps clean the urinary bladder, and a remedy for countless diseases such as sore throat, cough, fever, hiccups, runny nose, etc. So make a habit of drinking warm water on a regular basis to prevent you from illness and make you healthy.


Another incredible benefit of drinking warm water is that it helps in slowing the normal process of aging. In fact drinking warm water repairs the skin cells and increases its elasticity to slow the aging process. Apart from that, drinking warm water with some lemon balances the body pH and makes the skin glowing and soft and reduces acne, rashes, wrinkles and dark spots.

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