What Feng Shui Can Teach Us About The Color of Curtains

What Feng Shui Can Teach Us About The Color of Curtains

Draperies and portières

A piece of cloth or any other material that is used to block or allow only a certain amount of light, wind or water are known as curtains. In a theater, auditorium, or cinema curtain plays a major role in separating the stage from the audience.  At certain places, curtains also do play a role as stage background or backdrop.

Curtains plays many functions and their contribution to the society can not be denied and the following are the major functional roles of curtains:

  • It blocks the passage of light that aids in sleeping
  • It allows privacy where people outside cannot see inside
  • It also separates different areas in a place

Today curtains are available in different shapes, materials, colors, sizes, patterns and prices. The materials of curtains do allow for end users to choose based on its cleanability, oil retention, dust retention, ultraviolet light deterioration, noise absorption, life span, fires resistance, anti viral, anti bacterial, odour free and many other features.

Vastu Shastra, Colors of Curtains and Directions

Let us look at some rules and guidelines for curtains colors as per Vastu Shastra for your home that you should know. Why do curtains need so much attention? You might ask and wonder...It is because they can greatly impact the lives of a person and it is very important as an instrument of positive energy, happiness, good vibes, peace, tranquility and harmony.

Let us look at the directions and the curtain colors:

North - The North direction is ruled by water elements, so the best and suitable color for curtains in the North is blue and shades of blue.

East - The East direction represents the element of wood. So the curtains and drapes of an East facing room should be more of brown and green color.

South - The South direction is symbolized by the element of fire and any colors that symbolizes fires are apt and lucky for rooms that are in the South. Colors like red, yellow, orange, pink and purple are some that are considered to be auspicious and lucky.

West - The West direction is ruled by the element metal so white, grey or a combination of both are suitable for rooms facing the west direction.

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