What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Money Jackpot Room Spray

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Money Jackpot Room Spray

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Money Jackpot Room Spray

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Money Jackpot Room Spray

*A friendly note for first time users of the Money Jackpot Spray - This spray does not contain any physical currency, money or coins*

Welcome the jackpot with Murray & Lanman Jackpot spray. A distinct scent has a lovely powderly aroma that is sure to attract money from all directions. To attract the jackpot use daily. Simply spray into the air and allow the mist to fall upon you. You can also spray around the home to allow prosperity to enter your life on a higher level than ever before. To add even more luck to yourself, wash daily with our jackpot soap. Wash starting from the head down. This allows you to release and shed your back luck and negative energies1.

The Money Jackpot soap has been a staple in The toolkits of Brujas and spiritualists alike for attracting in money. This bestseller is now available in an aerosol - made by Florida Water’s original maker, Murray and Lanman. This 8 oz air freshener and room deodorizer in an aerosol can is an amazing alternate for quickly cleansing a room, bringing the scent of Money Jackpot. Due to its different form, this air freshener scent differs slightly from the original formula. With a continuous spray and easy to use form, the Money Jackpot air freshener and deodorizer is an incredible tool to add to your repertoire2.

Money Blessing Room Spray and air freshener deodorizer will help activate the energy of good luck, prosperity and success. This aerosol spray attracts the frequency of wealth wherever you spray it. You can use it daily in your home or your place of business, especially in the areas of windows and doors3.

It is your time to win, to bring money into your life. You deserve to have the abundance you dream about. With this amazing room spray creates the atmosphere of good luck around you to have the energy of money and abundance always following you everywhere you go!! Perfect to spray in your office, business, room, house, car or your favorite spot. Simply spray daily around you and let the spray fall over you while repeating positive affirmations like: 

  • "I am abundance in all forms" 
  • "Money comes to me easily, money comes to me fast" 
  • "Success, money and good fortune follows me everywhere I go" 
  • "I am grateful for all the financial, emotional and material abundance I have right now".

Repeat these affirmations daily along with the spray and watch how this spiritual tool will enhance your manifestation journey4.

Works for any game that is being played at the casino, even works for any games being played in your own neighborhood – where the odds of winning will be by your side! It’s your turn to hit that JACKPOT!!!!! This spray works for any type of gambling game you or your friends may be playing. BINGO! DICE! SLOTS5!

These amazing sprays are believed to fill any room with positive spiritual energy. They are designed to help dispel any negative forces that you believe are holding you down or keeping you back. Our spiritual sprays come in many varieties to help with any condition or situation you feel needs improvement6.

A scented room spray is a quick and effective way to refresh a space; the effect is instant and, if the scent is high quality, it will last a couple of hours. But a few additional tips and tricks will help you get the most from your interior scent. From how to layer an interior scent to the small spaces that can benefit from a spritz, we’ve found five new ways to use it, whether you’re at home or away. Spritzing your room spray onto soft furnishings will help it linger in the room for longer. Try spraying a little onto curtains so that it catches in the breeze; or on cushions, where each plumping will release the scent. Always test it on an inconspicuous area first, to make sure it won’t stain the fabric7.

A couple of pumps will immediately refresh a musty-smelling linen cupboard and will leave the contents subtly scented, too. A layered approach also works here but this time, use an unlit candle that’s at the very end of its life. When you’re down to the final few centimeters of wax, place the unlit candle at the back of the cupboard – it will provide a subtle scent for weeks or months. Add a mist of room spray from time to time to reinvigorate the fragrance. A luxury room spray isn’t only for inside the house; it’s also a simple way to leave your car smelling chic and lovely. While it’s fine to leave a bottle in your glovebox for short periods of time, be aware that the heat of a hot car can cause the fragrance in a bottle of perfume to deteriorate faster. For this reason, it’s best stored in a cool space7.   

Road trips, long weekends and short vacations have become our main means of escape. Stow a sophisticated interior scent in your luggage to use on arrival. It will help to disguise a stale-smelling room and has the added benefit of reminding you of home, no matter where you are7.

Lanman & Kemp's Money Blessing Room Spray and air freshener deodorizer will help bring luck your way, giving the riches and activate the energy of good luck, prosperity and success. Its light, powdery scent lifts the mood and is believed to bring luck your way courtesy of WorldTrendz.


**PLEASE NOTE** There is NO physical money, coins, or bills in this spray by any means.


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