What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion, and commitment and it will protect you from all the awful people in this world. Now does not even compare to tomorrow and tomorrow could not possibly compete with the next day. As perfect as you feel at this very moment, tomorrow is going to be even better. Every day you are going to love more. It is a promise. Everyday love is going to survive. Love is the sweetest thing in life and it is the truth and that is how it keeps you alive with happiness and joy.

Certainly love is going to make everything alright. Words had not been necessary and being next to each other is simply enough. It is all that you need. All along, love will make you right and you are doing the right thing. Obviously you have learned how to love. It involves thoughts, care, closeness, protectiveness, attraction, affection, trust and you are complete. It feels good. Oh God, it feels good. Nothing in life has ever felt that good before except love. And when you are fully in love, you know that you are at home. Love is the most beautiful thing you will ever experience. Just love. Please share your love. 

Love can vary in intensity and can change over time; it is in your heart and it is in your soul. In all your life, there is only love. Love for you partner fills you. It floods your chest, make your fingers tingle, and steals your very breath. Sometimes loving so much scares you. If you can give your partner the world, your partner knows that you will do it. All you want is love. You don't need the world, just your partner's love. And if it takes a thousand sayings, then you don't care. You just need to tell your partner, making sure your partner knows, and making sure your partner understands what she or he means to you.

Love has hidden depths. There is too much emotion inside, too many feelings rocking within you. You are acting out of love. What you did find much to your dismay is that it is quite impossible not to love. It is associated with a range of positive emotions, including happiness, excitement, life satisfaction, enjoyment, and euphoria, but it can also result in negative emotions such as jealousy, unhappiness and stress. You can show love in a thousand different little ways and you need to realize that you need to hold on to something in life, maybe anger is not the solution. Maybe, just maybe you can learn to hold on to love instead.

You needed the connection. In a strange way, you fear that if you let go of your partner now, you will lose her or him forever. When it comes to love, some people would say it is one of the most important human emotions. At some point you have got to leave your problems behind and live your own life. You have got to let off the anger and negativity. You will succeed no matter what. You are stubborn and brilliant. Show your love and it will make everything easier. You are shown love and you know nothing but love and devotion when you are growing up. Trust the Universe and it will make everything easier.

It is difficult to keep your mind off love. It is even more difficult to keep your mind off the prospect of falling in love. It is obvious that you love your partner. And much as you cannot comprehend it, your partner seems to love you as well. Yet despite being one of the most studied behaviors, it is still the least understood. For example, researchers debate whether love is a biological or cultural phenomenon. You assume that if you work hard enough for something, treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, then you will be rewarded. Love is within your reach. You want love. You know you want love. Maybe you have been too idealistic. You egotistically think that you can heal your partner, make your partner's heart whole.

Love is most likely influenced by both biological drives and cultural influences. You are imbued yourself with far more love than you actually possess. You think your love is so good, so shining, so pure that your partner will immediately abandon the years of resentment and pain that had fueled your very existence. How self-important you have been. How stupid you feel now. Some things are beyond your reach. In your sheltered life, you never realized that until now. You have not expected the world to be handed to you upon a golden platter. Love is warm and it is yours and even if you have grave fears for the future, at the moment you could not resist the gentle embrace of love.

It is far too easy to spill your innermost thoughts when you are in love. You are concerned with how you can bring enough love into your life to banish certain bad memories forever. While hormones and biology are important, the way we express and experience love is also influenced by our personal conceptions of love. You understand your partner so much better now. After facing such rejection, you probably did not realize that your partner is worthy of love. And your partner probably was not certain how to give it in return. But you can wait. You can wait forever for your partner. Just know that you love your partner. 

You are the kindest, gentlest soul this earth has ever known. But the truth is, we hate memories. We despise the reminders. The memories bring back the feelings. And whatever life is about when you are with your partner, it isn't stress and anger. It is so perfectly wonderful to be the object of such irrational jealousy. Well, you see, given that you do care for each other, it will probably be a very lovely and special moment. 

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