What Is The Truth About The 21st Century Meditation

What Is The Truth About The 21st Century Meditation

Spirituality will be as much a part of your life and it must be distinguished from religion, because people of every faith, and of none, have had the same sort of spiritual experiences to experience a lifetime as will be their laughter and hope for the rest of their life. So, you have to take note of a seemingly endless series of things about spirituality and embrace it without being diluted with prejudices. 

In such circumstances, meditation is a word that you hear everyday. Occasionally, almost everyone practices meditation at one time or the other in her or his life but not reliably. You will experience many techniques of meditation, all of it will promise you the charm of the ultimate union with the universe. But is it the truth? Most of the time, those millions of people who have been practicing meditation for years are capable of answering the following questions:

  1. Have you reached your ultimate goal?
  2. What have you attained now?
  3. Can you perform any miracles or things?
  4. How have you changed?

The answer is then capable of breaking or cementing your resolve for meditation and the truth behind meditation gets clarified. As a matter of fact, there are strategies and tactics for imposing the meditat procedure on your troubled and disordered mind. But, you have to understand that meditation is a state of mind and it cannot be achieved just by getting into methods.

After all these years of meditation, do you still know why you are always the same way you were before you started your meditation? What is wrong? Where did you go wrong? You probably will never understand yourself, because each time you seem to be achieving something, suddenly something will cause you anxiety and your mind gets disturbed and your resolve vanishes into thin air. 

If you can achieve the final frontier of meditation by getting into methods of mechanical habits, then you may very well try counting numbers or numbers of vehicles passing. Then you will realize that you will achieve nothing more than satisfaction with the methods of meditation, which you may also gain from cleaning your house compared to the real outcome of meditation.

Then you will want to ask how to achieve this state of mind, which is popularly called meditation, so it does not diminish with its volume and you are able to achieve the ultimate goal, which is union with the almighty or universe through the chambers of your mind. 

The meditation that you are undertaking must touch you, touch you in an invasive, demanding way, and you must know it will calm your mind and soul, so that you will not be anybody anymore, just a vessel with memories and purpose. You will calm yourself and be responsible about your objective. You are responsible for your happiness. So, your days must be shaped by routines and rituals that keep you nicely balanced and content. You are responsible for managing your emotions and wellbeing. Keep it safe and make it grow healthy.

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