What You Wish You Knew Years Ago About Toad

What You Wish You Knew Years Ago About Toad

Golden Toad

The Golden Toad is also known as "Money Toad" or "Money Frog" is a representation of a famous Feng Shu symbol for wealth, prosperity or money. According to the myth, Golden Toads seem to appear at places where the occupants will be getting excellent news, mostly wealth associated during the full moon.

According to Wikipedia, the Golden Toad is portrayed as a red-eyed, flaring nostril bullfrog with a total of three legs. It is depicted with a coin in its mouth and resting on a pile of money. There will be seven diamond spots on display on the Golden Toad back. A common belief is that the Golden Toad chases bad luck away and assists in inviting money, wealth and prosperity and protecting it.

Benefits of Three-Legged Toad

The Golden Toad is also known as the three-legged toad and since it is the charm for long life, prosperity, wealth and money that is known to facilitate abundance of finance. By placing the three-legged toad in a space, it is able to activate wisdom and yin and yang energy. People believe that the Golden Frog brings in numerous benefits to humankind.

The Golden Toad is believed to generate and accumulate positive energy, vibes and wealth towards the occupants if it is positioned at a higher pedestal. Apart from that you can place more than one Golden Toad to position more energy and harvest from it for an increasing wealth and prosperity energy absorption.

It is good to have the toads in odd numbers such as three, five or nine for greater results. By positioning the Golden Toad around the study area, it is known to invite wisdom energy and channeled throughout the space for an increase of wisdom and wellness among the occupants of a space.

The Golden Toad also energizes family wealth by attracting the so- called full moon mythical frog towards the house or office. As far as the three-legged toad is concerned, it asks for the occupancy of a space to believe in it by the householders mindfully positioning it at the rightful place, treating it humbly, with utmost care and cleanliness. The Golden Toad blesses those who have faith in it.

It is believed that Golden Toad has to be activated and the method to activate it is by tying a red ribbon around the coin that is in the mouth of the Golden Toad and positioned it at an elevated pedestal. The Golden Toad also signifies health and will invite positive energy that keeps the householders healthy, joyful and happy. The Toad's red eyes are believed to chase away any evil and fights with negative energy or vibes that latch on the householders.

Placement of Golden Toad

It is imperative to place the Golden Toad as a charm in space because it generates and attracts positive energy and vibes and circulates around the space for an excellent prosperity, wealth and money charm.

The Golden Toad is auspicious to be positioned in the area around the main door and the Golden Toad's head faces inwards to circulate the money flowing into the space. Never place Golden Toads in other places such as the kitchen, bathroom and on the floor as it invites negative energy and is bound to bring misfortune, illuck and poverty.

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