Who is your soulmate and what are the signs

Who is your soulmate and what are the signs

It makes a great deal of sense that regardless of your beliefs, whether you believe that God is carefully planning out our next moves, or there is power in the energy of the universe, or that our fate lies entirely in our hands, there is no doubt that we receive signals from forces bigger than us and everything really does work out in the end. I am sure I sound insufferably optimistic, but I think there must be some master plan in life.

This is what happens when a twin flame reunion is near and it is not so difficult. It certainly has not been fun, but it has not been impossible. The problem is, we do not often pay attention to the signs around us when it is simply part of us. Nothing can be more foolish than to fear something with no reason and sometimes there are reasons for our fear that we cannot quite explain. Sometimes it is just something we feel in our bones, something we know to be true, but will sound foolish to anyone else.

Some of the signs are so tiny that it is easy to overlook them. Others are glaringly obvious yet we are so caught up in our lives that we fail to see them. It is only once you open yourself up to the universe that the signs become clearer. Nothing can be more foolish than to fear something with no reason and sometimes there are reasons for our fear that we cannot quite explain. Sometimes it is just something we feel in our bones, something we know to be true, but will sound foolish to anyone else.

It can often be most difficult to share your fears with your deepest loved ones. But when the universe wants you to be with someone, you will receive more signs than ever…you only need to look for them. It is thrilling. But more than that, it is terrifying. We all have our roles to play in life and yours has always been to be strong and sensible. You are a great deal stronger than you think. It is that spark. That awful prickle of awareness that burns and lets you love your partner. Which is the one thing you liked most. Perhaps the only thing you like at all.

Love is truly a spectacular, sacred thing. But love is the enemy of a person full of selfishness. Love is the only thing that can make the rest of your years tolerable, to taste bliss and know that it will communicate your wish to the Universe. You can even take steps to ask the universe for a specific person. Any further speculation on the subject will be highly insulting. Be careful what you wish for...be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you wish for, your mind thundered. You just might get it.

A soulmate is a common term used for finding the right person for you when you are well in control of your actions and emotions. When we say the word soulmate, we imagine someone who completes us and lets you love. Someone to share a deep connection with, to grow with, to love profoundly and you are not a fool and you know that love exists. But you also believe in the power of the mind, and perhaps even more importantly, the power of the will. Frankly, you are able to see the reason why love is a voluntary thing. 

The truth is, there are different names out there to describe this type of love and companionship and it is a love match. And it is going to grow into one excellent love match. That simply is an option. It is best to lay everything out on the proverbial table so that neither party will be unpleasantly surprised later on. Surely you will agree. You are a practical person. You want to know where you stand. You are not the sort of person who likes to be kept guessing. Both of you are practical people. I think you will find yourself more at ease once you understand what you can expect from one another. 

You usually do not get off to the most favorable of stars, so whatever name you want to give it, if the universe wants you to be with that person, know that it is for a good reason. Friendship between two people who are in love is of the utmost importance. True love will be one based on mutual friendship and respect. You should expect love and it should be a pleasant experience for both man and woman. But, sometimes we are a prisoner of our own insecurities, insecurities we have not even known we possess until we fall in love. 

Now, you have been hurt in the past, most of us have, and you may wonder why the universe decided to send certain “wrong” people to you. And you know that you can not make your love wait. If you look into your own soul, and look with honesty and without delusion, you are forced to admit that you do not wish to wait, either. Your entire life has been preparing for this very moment, and you do not even know what to expect next. 

It is not something you can explain, or even something you can understand. It is just something you know. The knowledge of it has been a part of you for so long that you merely accept it, just as other people accept the other truths that make up the cycle of life. Spring followed winter, and summer after that. Sometimes, it is because we need to learn a life lesson.

You have been trying to deny it, trying to shut the niggling notion from your mind, but even our “bad” relationships teach us something about ourselves and others. You can sometimes call these “karmic relationships“ as it sends your life down an alternate path, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you can restrict your love.

We learn what we do not want from a relationship, to avoid personalities that clash with our own, and most importantly, we learn how strong we are and whatever it is that burns between us, we do not want it to end. You care about your partner. You care about your partner far too much. You crave your partner's company when both of you are apart, and you dream about your partner at night.

After all, heartbreak is not easy but when you get back up, dust off, and continue to be open to love…that takes true strength but it terrifies you all the same. And what about finding love and happiness? I know that you may not have the answers to any of the questions, but I do not know who else to ask. 

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