Why the Biggest "Myths" About Toilet May Actually Be Right

Why the Biggest "Myths" About Toilet May Actually Be Right

Application of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

If we abide by the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra, then positive energies will be a part of life. A toilet is an area of the house that should be positioned in the northwest part of any house and it must be cleaned so by adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra will do a lot of great things. Accordingly, the north, east or northeast portion of the toilet is better employed for shower areas. It is also imperative according to Vastu Shastra that the toilet door must be simple and not be decorative.

According to Feng Shui which is based on science, the main reason to pay attention to the location of the toilet is because there will be a lot of water that flows out and in. From the conservative Feng Shui view, toilets have a bad reputation because they have the capacity to drain and flush away positive energies. Four golden rules of Feng Shui are; the toilet door should always be closed especially if it faces the main door, putting down the toilet seat,  a mirror on the wall of the toilet and the toilet should get ample sunlight and fresh air.

Toilet Accessories

The following are the accessories that has to placed at the right directions:

  • North - mirror, taps and showers, sink, windows or ventilators
  • Northeast - sink and drainage system
  • East - sink, windows or ventilators and door
  • Southeast - geyser, switchboard, other electrical equipment's and washing machine
  • South - changing room
  • Southwest - empty
  • West - toilet (a few feet above the ground), bathtub, changing room
  • Northwest - toilet (a few feet above the ground) and overhead tank

Mistakes Everyone Does In The Toilet

Toilet is often an overlooked space in home that might drain our good energy. It is one of the most important key energy centers that have focused on an excellent Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. So how do people interfere with the good energy of the toilet?

Try not to leave the toilet lid open because it is gross and it is important to understand the biggest drain of positive energy is through the open toilet lid. If possible, it is important to use drain cover, metal strainer or rubber disc to cover up the drains in the tub and shower.

Only one mirror must be on the wall of the toilet...one solid piece above the sinks to generate good vibes and be able to keep those using the toilet to be connected and communicating. It should not be directly reflecting the toilet seat, instead it has to be positioned to reflect the occupants because it's a more accurate reflection and energizes high vibrations and high energy.

Keeping the toilet door closed can reflect good Feng Shui. Opening the toilet door behind after your business does not help close whatever went down the toilet seat. Why? The first fact to be understood is that toilets inherently contain positive energies because water is always known as wealth. So since there is a lot of water usage and flowing in the toilet, then it makes the toilet a great spot of good energy. Remember, an open toilet door is equal to letting your good energy escape. Toilet also must not be seen from other parts of the house, from bed or even kitchen.

Hiding the garbage in the toilet is very important. Garbage is always known as low vibration and it must be covered so the energy does not mix with other energy. Keep the toilet dry, clean and beautiful and always hide the garbage from naked eyes.

Light colors are very beneficial for the toilet so always use light colors to reflect the bright side and make it clean and pure. Green and blue are also great from the Feng Shui energy perspective because they can support the water element within this space.

Organized articles and stuff in the toilet will create higher frequency and generate positive energies. Clear and clean everything and arrange everything neatly and in order.  Don't let things lay around or even unattended too.

Make sure not to keep anything that is ripped, broken, torn or cracked. Throw away all the ragged towels, broken mirrors, torn linens, etc. Make the toilet your personal de stress buster and keep it in such a way that it draws good energy and adds joy and happiness to life.

What To Believe

In Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, toilets are always a problem wherever they are located. In ancient times, the toilets were always located far from the main dwelling building. The reason is that the water in toilets is polluted and is not beneficial for dwellers. 

If you look at the logic of a toilet detached from the main structure of the home, then you will marvel at the ingenuity of the ancient people. Basically, the toilet is an area where dirty water accumulates and drains out and it is the main place where people cleanse and purify themselves.

So in a way the energy is channelized in the right way and able to work out well. The principle of having a separate toilet far from the house did work well in ancient times hygienically and energetically and those principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are adopted by default.

When compared to the modern lifestyle, it is said that the more toilets there are, then more areas will get adversely affected. Generally it is advised for the dwellers of a home to share one common toilet which will minimize the negative effects reasonably.

In modern places where space is limited, toilets are inside the dwelling structure and some are attached to the room, especially right in front of the bed. As a general rule, to lose positive energy it is important to balance it following the detailed principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. If possible, it is advised not to position the toilet at the extreme corners of the premises to avoid energy drain because generally energy gathers in the corners.

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