Will Astrology Remedies Ever Die?

Will Astrology Remedies Ever Die?

The whole universe is intermingling into a unit in the period of globalization (S Varanasi). Different cultures, life-styles and sciences are co-operating with each other in this situation. The World Health Organization (WHO) is working towards collaborating all prevalent medical sciences for attainment of good health and family welfare for each and every individual by 2020. 

Astrology is the art of predicting or determining the influence of the planets and stars on human affairs (BK Sharma 2007). The origin of this word is from the Greek word astron, star + logos (discourse). Both Ayurveda and Astrology have established a way of life in India since time immemorial. Highly advanced knowledge related to Astrology on medicine is preserved in Indian Holy scriptures and transmitted from generation to generation. 

Although both Astrology and medicine were developed as a part of religion in ancient India (BK Sharma 2007), astrological principles related to prevention, health care and relief from illness were applied as rituals (religious ceremonies). An astrologer gives guidance for taking medicines at suitable times for the best remedy of ailments. Even the medicinal herbs were collected and used at appropriate times for their efficacy. Astrology and Ayurveda are inseparable in human life. 

Role of Astrology in healthy life and pathogenesis of the disease is well known to Indians (BK Sharma 2007). When a physician knows the etiology of the disease, he attempts to treat the disease with specific medication, diet and lifestyle and also avoiding causative factors. In a case where a physician is unable to understand the pathogenesis of the disease and to treat, the patient depends upon Astrology. 

Account of good and bad deeds during this life and previous lives (BK Sharma 2007), their consequences of health or ill health during this life which orderly, when, what and how will be clearly known through Astrology. It gives guidelines about welfare not only to human beings but also to whole creation and also indicates about calamities and their solutions as possible extent. 

Highly advanced knowledge related to Astrology on medicine is preserved in Indian scriptures and the knowledge was transmitted from generation to generation (S Varanasi). It is also a good source for health promotion, preventive, curative and other medical aspects. Brief direction related to astrological medical aspects is also available in Ayurvedic literature (Carakasamhită, Suśrutasamhhită, Aşţăngasangraha, Aşţăngahŗdaya, Sărngadharasamhită , Băvaprakăśa etc.) 

Some Ayurvedic practitioners, scholars and scientists realize the need of astrological knowledge related to medicine in the present time (S Varanasi). In ancient times physician, astrologer and purŏhita (Hindu priest) simultaneously looked after the health and family welfare of individual, families and country. Astrologer guides medication and suitable time for the better cure of ailments. 

No other science or system has the twin capacity of astrology to both forewarn and forearm (Hawthorne D 2000). The divine science of astrology offers preventive remedies for such diseases wherever the possibility of such a disease is indicated by the predictive capacity of astrology.

We come across the malfunctioning of health even at the time of birth (Hawthorne D 2000) where the individual concerned has not done anything in this lifetime to cause these problems such as poor eating habits, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, etc.

Astrology relates these problems to the deeds of the past life based on the theory of Karma (Hawthorne D 2000). This is not orthodoxy or blind faith or fatalism, but rather the experience of astrologers who apply this science and the astrological remedies in the timing of diseases and their recovery.

The timing is done with the help of the horoscope (Hawthorne D 2000), which is a record of the planetary positions prevailing at the time of birth of a particular person at a particular place.

All sciences depend on the experience of the practitioner by way of observations and the analysis of any hypothesis based on these observations (Hawthorne D 2000). Astrology, as a divine science, is misunderstood and termed a superstition without scientific trial by the so-called rationalists.

Now, however, despite the phenomenal progress in modern healing sciences, no permanent cures for functional health problems (Hawthorne D 2000); be it psychological, renal, cardiovascular, asthmatic, liver, cancer, immunization, etc. have not been found.

Astrology, on the other hand (Hawthorne D 2000), offers the preventive diagnostic power and the astral remedies for both preventive and curative measures. Furthermore, administering medicine is supported manifold when combined with the astral remedies. 

Moreover, the planetary periods operating indicate the timeframe for recovery (Hawthorne D 2000). This in turn gives patience and results of the symptomatic treatment both to the doctor and the patient. In terms of health, astrology is a most valuable science. It is a gift from India to humankind and is the legacy of ancient Indians.

Having entered the 21st Century that implies the greater trust on modern technology and a newer lifestyle our lives are almost determined by what the super computers will have to say about us (Bhatia B 2014).

Notwithstanding that what is stored for us in future and being at the mercy of these designed gadgets which could be controlling our lives (Bhatia B 2014), the desire to know in depth the planetary influence on human life would still remain to be a mystery.

Astrology being a combination of Science and Metaphysics enables us to construct a birth chart of ourselves (Bhatia B 2014), to know about ourselves in depth and to know what exactly will be the impact of the heavenly bodies on our lives with the passages of time that need to be studied in detail. Since this science itself seems to be a depth, going into it for an extensive study can be pretty tough and an uphill task to vouch for its microscopy study.


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