You Never Thought That Knowing Wind Chimes Could Be So Beneficial!

You Never Thought That Knowing Wind Chimes Could Be So Beneficial!

Sound Waves

According to science, all energy is a form of vibration, especially sound. The bottom line in vibration energy is to make sure that the sound vibration in a space through wind chimes can be a feng shui remedy or good luck. 


Science of Feng Shui promotes classic principles that guide in enhancing the power of wind chimes to bring positive energy. Sound waves are one of feng shui practices that shift the energy of a space. You might wonder why wind chimes are popular in feng shui and how it translates in creating sound energy vibrations.


It is used to remove negative energy and welcoming new and positive energy in a space. So, when a wind chime creates sound vibrations, the energy moves through the spaces and the objects the wave touches will shift the energy.


Wind chimes have tubes of varying lengths which are suspended in a circle by strings or wires from a platform. So when the wind blows, the tubes will bump into a clapper which is an object in the center and bumps into one another.


The collisions of the tubes produce vibrations that travel the length of a tube and subsequently produce sound waves at a certain pitch depending on the tube length and materials.


Feng Shui Use of Wind Chimes

According to Wikipedia:


“Wind chimes is a type of percussion instrument. It is known to be made from suspended tubes, rods, bells or any other objects that are often made of metal, wood or any other reasonable materials that vibrates. The tubes, rods, bells or vibrating materials are suspended along with some type objects or surfaces in the middle which the tubes or rods can strike when they are blown by the natural movement of air."


It is able to increase confidence and open up the mind to encompass a widened view on social and business life. Wind chimes are also used to open up the path to fortune and reduce hardship.


Accordingly, feng shui recommends only chimes with 6, 7, 8 or 9 tubes and it is best to be installed near the front door. In the case of fixing it somewhere else, you need to make sure that pipes are able to sway with sufficient airflow to produce sound vibrations.


History of Wind Chime 

According to The Times of India, wind chimes have been existing since 1100 BC. An ancient Chinese emperor is believed to have cast the first wind bells which are known as Fenglings. Wind chimes are known as religious objects that attract kind spirits. It's no wonder that the wind chimes have maintained their positive energy attractor throughout time. The question is how did wind chimes enter western culture with such a widespread appreciation.


According to the West Park Gallery, it started when the Japanese opened their trading ports to the western countries in the mid-1800’s. So, the eastern traditions and material goods started to make their way to Europe and the Americas for the first time in history. Today there are many cultures around the world that enjoy wind chimes around their homes, offices and gardens. 


Number of Tubes to Select

At this point of time you will be interested to know what number of tubes to select for the wind chimes. The number wisdom might give you an idea on what is best for your space.

  • Three, six and nine tubes contain wealth, accomplishment and attainment energy
  • For strong foundation and security, you might want to choose four
  • Five tubes represents five elements and represent dynamic change
  • Seven tubes is used to expands and deepens self-knowledge
  • Eight tubes reflects prosperous growth, success, and ongoing abundance


Benefits of Wind Chimes According to Vastu Shastra

The science of Vastu Shastra has been propagating wind chimes to negate the adverse effects of Vastu dosha. They will help in suppressing bad luck surrounding you and ushering in fortune and prosperity in the said space.


Accordingly, wind chimes are able to establish synchronization between people and the five elements of nature i.e. water, metal, earth, fire and wood. Vastu states that the more sweeter the sound a wind chime produces, the more significant the good luck it will bring.


A wind chime made of the right materials and placed at the right places as per Vastu Shastra will bring in more wealth, health and prosperity. Not only that, the wind chimes do help in fighting diseases and misfortunes. They do it by suppressing a lot of negative energies and replacing them with positive energies.


It is believed that a well placed chime helps in dispersing negative energy  emanating from all over space. The most ideal position to hang wind chimes is in the North-West corner of the main sitting room.  This direction is more apt because it is representative of the Rakshaka Tatva; the Protective Element in Nature and so it is important that this energy circulate freely and unhindered.


The World’s Largest Wind Chime 

Jim Bolin made the world's largest wind chime. The location of the largest wind chime is at 109 East Main Street, Casey, Illinois. The Illinois wind chime made an entry into the Guinness World Records. It was declared as the World’s Largest Wind Chime on June 22, 2012.


The windchime measures 

  • 12.80 m (42 ft) long and 
  • It consists of five metal tubes which are suspended 14.94 m (49 ft) from the ground. 
  • It weighs a total of 7.6804 t (16932.4 lb)


WorldTrendz Wind Chimes

During the second century CE in India, small wind bells were hung at each corner of temple, palace and home. A slight breeze will cause it to swing and produce melodious tinkling which is used to maximize the flow of life's energy.


At WorldTrendz we have an array of wind chimes that uses pentatonic scale and tetratonic scale as the basis of individual chimes pitches. So, you will have a more pleasant sound when it vibrates.


WorldTrendz has some of the most unique and quality handmade wind chimes which were made from the highest quality materials and have a longer life that lasts for many years. Our artisan pays special attention to detail and makes sure the end product is appealing with exclusive decorative and functional wind chimes.

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