You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Mind

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Mind

A hundred questions bubbled in my sharp mind and I understood the unsaid implication of Karma. There is a power in this Universe that exists and it is eternal and beyond comprehension. As I understood this Truth, I felt all my anxiety disappear and I started focusing on gaining knowledge instead of debating on whether there is God or not.

By my penance, the purpose of living is revealed to me and I am glad to embark on the path where my spirit is heading. With the grace of the Universe, I want to live and look for a way to reach home, where I belong. It is the abode of all souls, a place where everyone belongs to. That place is my destiny and my objective in life.

And I realize all the thoughts boil down to my Karma; my actions and its consequences. It forms an intricate web that binds every living soul to every other living being in this world. My excitement grows as I realize what lay ahead of me and my mind is already bursting with ideas that seem to be too fancy but achievable because countless people in the past have achieved the inevitable and progressed gradually. After all, even though there is a limit to my physical capacity, there is no limitation to the powers of my mind.

Truth be told, I have been thinking on the line of spirituality for some time now. I wish to single-mindedly focus on achieving my goal and break away from the chain of misery. I daresay this thought comes from my understanding of the Universe! There is no age, race, religion, background, social standings for awakening. Your self-discovery begins when your mind accepts the bizarre truths behind mind.

So, I present to the world that the path to spirituality is the only solution that comes to my mind; an impossible goal; but if anything, it has only strengthened my resolve to fulfill the mission of stupendous achievements even though there seem to be too many obstacles blocking the route to hasten my goal.

I wish to fulfill my promise as early as possible, so that my mind and soul is free of any burden. After all, we know that humans are fickle and difficult to control and there is a possibility of me getting entangled in this material world. It is time for me to go on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

As long as my strong ambitions fuels my mind and harness my logical and thinking brain, then I am on the right path to reach my home, to the abode of all living beings. I have been working on my capacity to dive into my subconscious and explore the hidden recesses of my mind. It is getting stronger and my awareness of all external components are growing by leaps and bound and my senses are heightened up.

I knew when the time for self-awakening arrives, nothing can dissuade me from the path, so I start to absorb new knowledge from energies that courses through the universe. I know that my Karma is good and will possibly lead me home after I die, so I do not wish to be shaken out of my objective, for in my mind, my logic is as sound as any logic ever hoped to be.

My spiritual guidance allows me to accumulate all the good Karma in my life. I will achieve my aspirations and I am sure how my mind will react to it. For those who are reading this article, learn how this cycle of birth and death works and accept what your mind already knows.

Just imagine that we are living in a world that we have modified for our comfort. So why can’t we realize that we are capable of achieving more. Do not be blinded to the limitations of our material creation.  We should live as if we don't have enough time because the truth is our lives will come to an end sooner or later.

Get rid of the desires for supremacy. Stop hoarding wealth, winning new things and other hedonistic pursuits. Put your mind to the thought of liberation at the very end.  Do remember we are the only species that is a perfect blend of Good and Evil. We should not waste lives consumed by unrequited desires and regrets. Let us dare to delve into the deeper recesses of our subconscious mind and progress accordingly.

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