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Air Magic - Elements Series #2

Air Magic - Elements Series #2

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Elevate your spiritual practice to new heights with "Air Magic," the remarkable second installment in Llewellyn's captivating Elements series. Delve into the ethereal realm of air and unlock its transformative power through spells, rituals, meditations, and correspondences expertly curated by Astrea Taylor. 

Discover the enchanting methods for activating the air energy within you and infusing your practice with the essence of the element of air. Astrea Taylor offers profound insights into the magical properties of words, incense, wind, sounds, and aromas, empowering you to harness the boundless potential of air in your spiritual journey. Featuring contributions from renowned writers such as Laura Tempest Zakroff and Phoenix LeFae, "Air Magic" provides captivating insights on air deities, animal guides, sacred sites, herbs, crystals, and more, enabling you to soar to new heights of spiritual exploration.


- Strengthen your connection to the element of air

- Enhance your spiritual practice with spells, rituals, and meditations

- Explore the magical properties of words, incense, wind, sounds, and aromas

- Connect with air deities, animal guides, and sacred sites

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Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and empowerment with "Air Magic." Elevate your practice with the transformative power of air and unlock the secrets of the ethereal realm. Take flight into the realm of possibilities and embrace the magic of the air with "Air Magic" today!

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