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Amazonite Stone

Amazonite Stone

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Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green semi-precious gemstone that is used all over the world for everyday jewelry and healing practices. Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls our emotions a great deal, this stone is said to soothe tense and aggravated situations and to enhance love. Since this stone is associated with the throat and heart, it is best when worn as a necklace near these areas.

Healing Stone

Amazonite is a good energy filter, blocking geopathic stress as well as electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, microwaves, or cell phones. Highly protective against EMF emissions, Amazonite blocks and disperses these harmful frequencies from the body.

Amazonite soothes aggravation and emotional trauma, eases irritation, and calms all of the chakras. Harmonizing masculine & feminine energies, it nurtures healthy boundaries to establish personal space and balance. Activating the throat chakra, Amazonite empowers authentic self-expression.


The Hope Stone” AMAZONITE - soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  AMAZONITE assists in manifesting universal love.

Uses of Amazonite

The Amazonite stone is every couples' answer! This crystal helps couples to communicate better; opening space for communication to be clearer, more open and most importantly loving!

Amazonite indicates that you may be feeling issues with self-esteem or having a difficult time expressing yourself to someone. Amazonite addresses this by balancing your Throat Chakra as well as giving you the courage to move past feelings judged by others.

Amazonite is known for helping to manifest money, luck and success. It's often referred to as a gambler's stone, as it helps to encourage good fortune. It will also help stabilize you, promoting wise spending.


Amazonite is associated with the Zodiac astrological sign of the Virgo. It is the birthstone for people born between the end of August and September. It is reported that Amazonite gemstones can be beneficial for those born with the zodiac sign of Leo, Aries, or Scorpio.


Inspires truth, Self-love, Communication, Clarity, Trust


AMAZONITE is associated with HEART and THROAT CHAKRAS.


Amazonite is a very useful gemstone which can be placed in a variety of places. Keep one in the bedroom, on a nightstand or under the pillow, where it can give you a restful night's sleep, keep nightmares away and help decipher some of your dreams.


Although Amazonite isn't officially associated with the birthstone chart, it is commonly used for protection and balance by people born in March.


Is Amazonite Safe in the Water? Yes, Amazonite is safe in the water, but it should never be immersed for a long time. Its hardness is 6-6.5 on the Mohs Scale, which is just above the required value of 5 for minerals to be water-safe.

With a hardness of 6 to 6.5, amazonite are softer than other common jewelry stones, like quartz and beryl's. This means amazonite are still susceptible to scratching from everyday hazards, like household dust (which has a hardness of 7). With perfect cleavage, amazonite may also break if accidentally struck.

Charging the Amazonite

You can activate Amazonite by leaving it in the sun for a few hours with an intention. This will supercharge your crystal with your energy in mind. If you want to use Amazonite to feel more relaxed and less stressed, focus on this as you lay your crystal down and it will naturally work in this direction.

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