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Amazonite Orgone Pyramid

Amazonite Orgone Pyramid

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Sacred Symbol

Discover the Benefits of the Amazonite Orgone Pyramid from WorldTrendz.

Experience the Power of Amazonite with WorldTrendz's Orgone Pyramids:


  • 100% authentic Amazonite stone and genuine materials used
  • Copper wire and 24K gold dust wrapped around clear rock quartz
  • Resin material with four individual crystal quartz points


  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties
  • Balances chakras, shields from negative energy, and enhances meditation
  • Small and large sizes available for personal or professional use


  • Small pyramid dimensions: W 2.5 inches x H 2 inches, weight 0.5 lb
  • Large pyramid dimensions: W 3 inches x H 5 inches, weight 1 lb
  • Handcrafted with attention to detail for optimal performance

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