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Aventurine Gemstone Tree

Aventurine Gemstone Tree

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Gemstone Tree Aventurine

Gemstone Tree

The tree symbolizes stability, growth, as well as a long life blessed with abundance. This fortune tree brings clarity to the intellect, maintains concentration, cleans emotional aspects, spreads compassion and power with cosmic energy. It will help you to attract all good things. It is also known as Wealth or Money Tree.

Meaning & Uses

Aventurine is good to have around when making decisions as it reminds us to connect to the heart and the idea that it does not matter which road we take because it will always be the right one. It is a good companion for the pioneering spirit, someone who is pushing themselves to places they have never been before. A good all round healing stone.


Aventurine is a complete healing stone. Aventurine is used for the heart chakra. The crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and rebalance the heart chakra, helping us to clearly understand our own needs and emotions.

Healing Properties

Aventurine has a soothing vibration upon the mind and body and is great to ease quick-tempers or ill temperaments. Green Aventurine has a vibration of balance and harmony while calming nervousness, anger and irritation, and helps dissolve daily stress and anxiety. It enhances sleep, has a grounding effect and is a harmonizer. Aventurine is also said to absorb environmental pollution and is a great crystal for the home or around electronic equipment to absorb electromagnetic smog. 


It is 100% Authentic, Original and Natural green aventurine stones. You can Place this tree in your home, office or sacred altar and the energies of the crystal will spread evenly in all directions. You can also use it during meditation. It is a spiritual gifts

Once you receive the tree just unfold the branch and leave with your creativity and patience. All our stones are natural. We do not deal in synthetic or dyed products. All stones are energetically charged.

Stones could have some variation from the picture displayed as they are natural and vary in shapes and sizes. Uses:- Showpiece, Table Decor, Home Décor, Office Décor, Attractive Gifts, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, Wellness boutique.

This tree decorative item is made with original unshaped precious stone and all are completely handmade, piercing each and every stone to pour is an aluminum string. Bottom of the tree is an art, original wood is used to increase the artistic value of the showpiece. This extraordinary home decor tableware antique showpiece is just one of the many pieces which are available from WorldTrendz.

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