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Discover the contemporary Buddha Chakra Tapestry by WorldTrendz LLC, featuring the fusion of Buddha and Chakra symbols. This tapestry showcases the seven energy centers along the spinal column, distributing life energy throughout the body. Measuring approximately 56 inches by 85 inches, it adds vibrant colors to any space. Use it as a bedspread, tablecloth, curtain, or wall hanging. This versatile tapestry also doubles as an altar fabric for meditation and prayer rooms. Made of 100% cotton, it is color-fast and easy to clean.

Product Description

Introducing the Buddha Chakra Tapestry by WorldTrendz LLC – a captivating fusion of the contemporary Buddha and the powerful Chakra symbols. This unique tapestry showcases the seven circular vortexes of energy that are strategically placed along the spinal column. These energy centers, known as Chakras, are intricately connected to the organs and glands within the body, facilitating the distribution of life energy, also referred to as Qi or PRANA.

Measuring approximately 56 inches by 85 inches, this Buddha Chakra Tapestry is the perfect addition to your space, injecting vibrant colors and a spiritual touch. Its versatile design allows it to be used as a bedspread, tablecloth, curtain, or wall hanging, instantly transforming any room into a sanctuary of peace and harmony.

Create a serene atmosphere in your meditation or prayer room by using this tapestry as an altar fabric. Its captivating design and symbolism will enhance your spiritual practice, helping you focus and find tranquility.

Crafted from 100% cotton, this tapestry is not only visually stunning but also practical and durable. It is color-fast, ensuring that the vibrant colors remain vivid over time. For easy maintenance, we recommend hand washing it separately in cold water and hanging it to dry.

WorldTrendz Offerings

Experience the captivating beauty and spiritual significance of the Buddha Chakra Tapestry. Add color, serenity, and positive energy to your space. Order yours today!

Buddha Chakra Tapestry Green

Elevate your space with our captivating Buddha Chakra Tapestry in Green, featuring the fusion of contemporary Buddha and Chakra symbols. Transform your room into a serene sanctuary with vibrant green hues, promoting balance and harmony. Perfect as a wall hanging, bedspread, or meditation room accent.

Buddha Chakra Tapestry Purple

Discover the enchanting allure of our Buddha Chakra Tapestry in Purple. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of the Chakra symbols, combined with the calming essence of purple. Enhance your space with this versatile tapestry, suitable as a curtain, tablecloth, or altar fabric, bringing tranquility and spiritual vibes to any room.

Buddha Chakra Tapestry Blue

Immerse yourself in the soothing vibes of our Buddha Chakra Tapestry in Blue. With its captivating fusion of Buddha and Chakra symbols, this tapestry promotes a sense of inner peace and calm. Use it as a wall hanging, bedspread, or meditation room accent to create a serene atmosphere and infuse your space with positive energy.

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