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Dreamcatcher Tile

Discover the Raku Dreamcatcher Tile - A Fusion of Art and Spirituality

Unveil the mesmerizing charm of the Raku Dreamcatcher Tile, a unique creation that combines the ancient concept of dreamcatchers with the pottery technique called Raku. Crafted from clay, this exquisite tile allows you to reconnect with the Earth and the fundamental elements of life.

Product Features

  1. Intricate Dreamcatcher Design: Inspired by the spider web pattern, this tile features an intricate dreamcatcher design that filters out bad dreams and evil spirits.
  2. Raku Pottery Technique: Created using the Raku pottery technique, each tile is handcrafted and infused with a crackle effect, symbolizing the beauty of imperfections.
  3. Turquoise and Copper Adornments: Adorned with stunning turquoise and copper elements, the tile adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to any space.
  4. Easy Wall Hanging: With a loop at the back, this 5-inch tile can be effortlessly hung on the wall, resembling a traditional dreamcatcher.

Product Benefits

  1. Spiritual Connection: Embrace the spiritual essence of the dreamcatcher and its protective properties, creating a serene and harmonious environment.
  2. Handcrafted Artistry: Appreciate the skill and artistry behind each tile, as it is meticulously handcrafted to ensure exceptional quality and detail.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Add a unique and captivating piece to your decor, blending art and spirituality seamlessly.
  4. Thoughtful Gift: Make a meaningful gesture by gifting this beautiful dreamcatcher tile to your loved ones, symbolizing protection and positive energy.


  1. Material: Clay
  2. Dimensions: 5 inches (height)
  3. Hanging Mechanism: Loop at the back
  4. Design: Dreamcatcher with crackle effect
  5. Adornments: Turquoise and copper elements

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