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Elephants are revered symbols representing good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection. The Elephant Parading Statue, made of resin and measuring 5.5 inches in height and 7 x 4 inches in width and depth, embodies these positive energies. The statues, often featuring elephants with trunks raised, symbolize the showering of good luck.

- **Features:**

  - Crafted from durable resin material.

  - Impressive height of 5.5 inches, with dimensions of 7 x 4 inches (width x depth).

  - Artistic portrayal of elephants in a parading posture, symbolizing good luck and wisdom.

- **Benefits:**

  - Attractive and meaningful decorative accents for any living or workspace.

  - Elegantly designed to convey the symbolism of good luck, wisdom, and protection associated with elephants.

  - Adds a touch of cultural and spiritual significance to your surroundings.

- **Specifications:**

  - Material: Resin

  - Height: 5.5 inches

  - Width & Depth: 7 x 4 inches

  - Weight: 1 lb

- **WorldTrendz Offerings:**

  - Embrace the symbolism of luck and wisdom with our Elephant Parading Statue. Add this elegant piece to your décor and invite positivity and grace into your space.

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