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Fire Magic - Elements Series #3

Fire Magic - Elements Series #3

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Discover the transformative power of fire with "Fire Magic," an enchanting addition to Llewellyn's renowned Elements series. Authored by Josephine Winter, this captivating volume illuminates the history, lore, and uses of fire, empowering you to infuse new meaning and energy into your magical practice.

Embark on a journey through the fiery realm of spells, rituals, recipes, and folklore carefully curated to help you fully harness the flame. Join Josephine Winter as she delves into the profound significance of candle and bonfire magic, explores the portrayal of fire in mythology, and unveils fire-related celebrations for the sabbats. Learn about correspondences, sacred herbs and woods, and essential safety measures for honoring this passionate element. With contributions from guest writers, "Fire Magic" introduces you to fire deities, mythical beasts, crystals, and more, reigniting your passion for magic and inspiring you to embrace the transformative power of fire.


- Perform spells, rituals, and ceremonies centered around the element of fire

- Explore the symbolism of fire in mythology and folklore

- Discover correspondences, sacred herbs, and safety practices for working with fire

- Reignite your passion for magic and infuse new energy into your spiritual journey

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Step into the fiery realm of magic with "Fire Magic." Explore the history, lore, and uses of fire and reignite your passion for magic today!

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