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Garnet Gemstone Tree

Garnet Gemstone Tree

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Gemstone Tree

This Garnet Gemstone tree can be used to invite good luck, wealth and prosperity. Garnet balancing the healing crystal tree of life promotes positive surround you and people. A crystal tree is a powerful tool that can be used to draw off negative energy and to spread positive energy. Crystal gemstone invites money, prosperity and fortune. It can be a lucky charm that will invite good fortune, and love.

Meaning & Uses

Garnet is regenerating and energizing and is a very protective stone. It increases commitment, honesty, hope and faith. Garnet helps to dispel negativity and bad karma as well as assisting to overcome crisis. Garnet is also very much a love and passion stone and manifests sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced fashion. Garnet brings order to chaos and assists with organization. Garnet also carries creative energy. Garnet is a strong stone for balancing your energy and uplifting your attitude and enhancing desires and self esteem. Garnet is also a very lucky stone known for aiding success.


Garnet is a crystal for vitality, passion, energy, and luck. It inspires love and balances the power and chakra. It brings hope and joy to the wearer's life. It is associated with the root and sacral chakra. It is one of the best stones for showing abundance, bringing luck, love, enhancing, and improving friendships. Garnet is a gemstone of focus, awakening, and creativity Calming vibration. It is a stone that will help you achieve your goals, boost motivation.

Healing Properties

Considered an overall stone of health, Garnet is a stone for a healthy brain and thought processes and is used as an immune enhancer and for general healing, releasing toxins and rejuvenation.


Peaceful gifts for men and women and positive gifts. Bonsai tree of life for good, positive, office decor, home decor and kitchen decor. Best gifts for your family, relatives and friends. Healing trees for removing negative energy from home and placing areas. Bonsai wire beads gemstone trees use high energies. Crystal trees are used to bring good luck and prosperity in your life. Peaceful gift for women and men.

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