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LAKSHMI Statue: Embrace Abundance and Beauty with the Hindu Goddess

Experience the divine presence of LAKSHMI, the revered Hindu Goddess of wealth and beauty, through our intricately crafted LAKSHMI Statue. This exquisitely designed resin statue stands at a total height of 5.5 inches, including its sturdy base measuring 4 x 2.5 inches. Weighing 0.5 pounds, this masterpiece captures the essence of LAKSHMI's grace and blessings.

Key Features

  1. Symbolic Lotus Flowers: Adorned with two lotus flowers, representing beauty, prosperity, and fertility.
  2. Abhaya Mudra: One of her front hands is open in the Abhaya mudra, conveying the message of fearlessness.
  3. Varada Mudra: The other front hand is posed in the varada mudra, signifying a gesture of granting boons.
  4. Spiritual Abundance: Invite not just material wealth, but spiritual happiness and bliss into your home.


  1. Divine Blessings: LAKSHMI's presence brings blessings for a fulfilling and content life.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance your living space with a symbol of beauty and grace.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Connect with the goddess of wealth and auspiciousness on a deeper level.


  1. Materials: High-quality resin
  2. Total Height Including Base: 5.5 inches
  3. Base Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 inches
  4. Weight: 0.5 pounds

WorldTrendz Offerings

Bring LAKSHMI Home: Transform your living environment into a sanctuary of abundance and positivity by welcoming the LAKSHMI Statue. Embrace the goddess's power to bestow wealth, fortune, and spiritual fulfillment. Elevate your surroundings and your life today!


Embrace divine elegance with our LAKSHMI Statue Dark, a captivating symbol of prosperity and beauty in rich, deep tones. Invite spiritual abundance into your space with this exquisite Hindu Goddess of Wealth sculpture.


Illuminate your surroundings with our LAKSHMI Statue Light, radiating grace and positivity in its delicate hues. This enchanting depiction of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth infuses your space with the promise of prosperity and happiness.

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