You will be drawn to our meditating frog statues because of their symbolic meaning, as frogs are often associated with rebirth, transformation, and fertility. Others may simply find them cute or amusing. In art and literature, the frog is used as a symbol of irrepressible energy, good luck, or fertility. In some contexts, the frog is also seen as a symbol of environmental health and the importance of protecting natural habitats.

Meditating Frog Statue

A meditating frog statue is used as a focus for meditation or as a reminder to take time for mindfulness and self-reflection. The image of a frog sitting in a meditative pose is often associated with the concept of finding inner peace and calm.

Decorative Object

Meditating frog statues are popular decorative items. Some people place these statues in their home or office as a way to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It can be placed in a room or outdoor space as a decorative element.


Meditating frog statues are often used in meditation and spiritual practices as a way to connect with nature and promote feelings of tranquility and peace. Meditating frog statues are often associated with transformation and new beginnings, and are seen as symbols of fertility and abundance.


Anyone looking for a meditating frog statue to use for metaphysical practices will love our collections. Meditation frog statues are often used as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and are believed to bring positive energy and calmness to a space.

Types of Statues

There are two types of meditating frog statues. One is depicted as a frog sitting in a lotus position, with its legs crossed and its hands resting on its knees. Another one is depicted as a frog making the namaste gesture. 

Volcanic Stone

Volcanic stone is a durable and relatively easy material to work with, and it has been used by many cultures throughout history to create a wide range of objects, including meditating frog statues.


You will find that the weight (8 pounds) and texture of a volcanic stone meditating frog statue can be grounding and soothing, making it a perfect focal point for meditation and relaxation. The frog design (Total Height Including Base: 7.5 inches and Base Width & Depth: 6 x10 inches) of the statue is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, making it a meaningful and auspicious addition to any space.


Many people find that having a meditating frog statue in their home or workplace helps to create a calming atmosphere and encourages a sense of inner peace. Read more on how meditating frog statues is a symbol of spiritual enlightment:

Note: Minor imperfections may exist in the statues as they are handmade and hand-curated by artists.

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