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Experience the transformative power of meditation with our exquisite Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. Designed to inspire and motivate, this hand-embroidered pillow takes your meditation sessions to a whole new level.

Product Features

  1. Hand-embroidered designs: Each cushion is meticulously crafted with beautiful hand-embroidered patterns, making every piece unique and special.
  2. High vibrational energy: Our meditation cushion is infused with high vibrational energy, creating a harmonious environment that promotes deep relaxation and spiritual growth.
  3. Mind-calming and stress-relieving: With its calming presence, this cushion helps you find inner peace, unwind from daily stress, and achieve a state of tranquility.
  4. Versatile usage: Besides meditation, it can also be used as a yoga prop or as a stylish addition to your home décor in various rooms.

Product Benefits

  1. Deepens meditation practice: The cushion's supportive and comfortable design enables you to maintain a proper meditation posture, allowing for longer and more focused sessions.
  2. Inspires mindfulness: The beautiful embroidery and uplifting energy of the cushion serve as constant reminders to stay present and mindful throughout your day.
  3. Enhances relaxation: By providing a soft and cozy surface, the cushion enhances your relaxation experience, whether you're meditating, reading, or simply lounging.
  4. Encourages regular practice: The more you use this cushion, the more you'll be motivated to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, leading to greater mental and emotional well-being.


  1. Material: 100% cotton shell and filling
  2. Size: Approximately 6 inches thick x 20 inches in diameter
  3. Care instructions: Spot clean only; dry cleaning recommended for maintaining durability
  4. Origin: Handmade in India

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Take your meditation practice to new heights with our Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. Experience the joy of mindfulness and bring a touch of tranquility into your life. Order now and unlock the transformative power of meditation!

Surprise Me Set of 3 Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion

Experience the joy of meditation with our Surprise Me Set of 3 Embroidered Round Meditation Cushions. Hand-embroidered designs, high vibrational energy, and versatile usage make these cushions a perfect companion for your mindfulness practice.

Black Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion 

Enhance your meditation sessions with our elegant Black Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The soothing black color, intricate embroidery, and comfortable cotton filling create a serene and supportive space for your mindfulness practice.

Light Mustard Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion

Find tranquility in your meditation practice with our Light Mustard Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The soft and inviting mustard color, along with the hand-embroidered designs, brings warmth and comfort to your mindfulness sessions.

Orange Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion 

Ignite your meditation practice with our vibrant Orange Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The energizing orange color, combined with the high vibrational energy and supportive cotton filling, creates a space for deep relaxation and focus.

Purple Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion 

Experience serenity with our Purple Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The calming purple color, intricate embroidery, and cozy cotton filling provide the perfect environment for finding inner peace and harmony during your meditation practice.

Turquoise Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion 

Immerse yourself in tranquility with our Turquoise Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The refreshing turquoise color, hand-embroidered details, and comfortable cotton filling invite a sense of calmness and relaxation into your meditation space.

Shell Color Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion 

Discover beauty and comfort with our Shell Color Embroidered Round Meditation Cushion. The natural shell color, exquisite embroidery, and soft cotton filling create a harmonious ambiance, making it a perfect companion for your meditation and relaxation practices.

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