Meditation Cushions Embroidered Square

Meditation can be a daunting task due to lack of inspiration and motivation. Now you can deepen and improve your meditation with our new handmade embroidered square meditation cushions that allow you to transcend from ordinary experiences and limitations to High Vibrational state.

Meditation cushions, also known as zafu cushions, are a type of cushion that are used for meditation and yoga practices. They are square in shape and are designed to be used on the floor. The meditation cushions are embroidered with patterns and designs.

Purpose of Meditation Cushions

The cushions are used to help individuals sit comfortably in a cross-legged position, which can help improve posture and support proper alignment during meditation and yoga practices.

Each cushion is unique and has high vibration energy that sparks the motivation within and allows you to calm your mind, find beauty, relax, channel and relieve stress. You just feel better and want to meditate more.

You also will be inspired to sit on these cushions all the time while eating, working, watching TV or doing any other activities..

Home Decor

It can be used as home décor in the bedroom, living room, home office or study room.

Fillings of Meditation Cushions

The cushions are often filled with 100% cotton to provide support and comfort while sitting and the shell is 100% cotton as well. These cushions are handmade in India.

Care for Meditation Cushions

This cushion does not have a ZIPPER and IT IS spot clean only. To maintain the durability of the product dry clean is recommended. 

Meditation Cushions Size

Meditation cushions, also known as meditation pillows or zafus, come in an approximate size of 6 inches thick x 20 inches  to accommodate people of different heights and body types. It's important to choose this cushion because it is comfortable and supportive, as well as the right size for your body. This cushion is a READY TO BE USED product. 


Some people find that using a meditation cushion helps to maintain good posture and comfort during long periods of seated meditation. Please check on the following article on the evolution of mediation cushion embroidered square:

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