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Discover the sacred essence of OM and the spiritual symbolism of mandalas in this 100% cotton OM Mandala Tapestry. Perfect for meditation, yoga, and creating a sacred space.


- Immerse in the sacred sound of the universe with our OM Mandala Tapestry.

- Intricate OM symbol combined with a mandala for spiritual depth.

- Generous size of 56 inches by 85 inches, providing ample coverage.


- Enhance your meditation and yoga sessions with the spiritual resonance of OM.

- Utilize the tapestry as an altar fabric, creating a sacred and focused meditation space.

- Made from 100% cotton, it's color-fast, washable, and easy to maintain.


- Size: 56 inches by 85 inches

- Material: 100% Cotton

**WorldTrendz Offerings:**

Elevate your spiritual practice and enrich your space with the OM Mandala Tapestry. Order now and infuse your surroundings with divine vibrations.

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