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Perú - Agua de Florida 270 ml

Perú - Agua de Florida 270 ml

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Agua de Florida, the original formula since 1808, is a light floral scent with lemon overtones from Murray & Lanman in Peru. Trusted by Shaman and Reiki communities for its cleansing, healing, and ritualistic properties.

- **Features:**

  - Original formula dating back to 1808.

  - Light floral scent with refreshing lemon overtones.

  - Directly sourced from the renowned Murray & Lanman plant in Peru.

- **Benefits:**

  - Trusted by Shaman and Reiki communities for cleansing, healing, and ritual feeding.

  - Enhances psychological, physical, and emotional well-being through aura purification.

  - Infused with mystical properties known to have a magical effect on body, mind, and soul.

- **Specifications:**

  - Fragrance Type: Floral with lemon overtones

  - Origin: Peru

  - Brand: Murray & Lanman

- **WorldTrendz Offerings:**

  - Elevate your well-being with Agua de Florida, the authentic formula since 1808. Experience the mystical essence trusted by Shamans and Reiki practitioners. Purify your aura and embrace a balanced life. Order now for a magical transformation.

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