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Scorpio Sun Sign Series

Scorpio Sun Sign Series

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Unlock the magic of your Scorpio Sun sign with the eighth installment in The Sun Sign Series. Authored by Ivo Dominguez, Jr. and Zoë Howe, this book empowers you to become more passionate and confident in everything you do using the magical energy of your Sun sign. Dive into numerous spells, exercises, and stories tailored to Scorpio energy, enhancing both your witchcraft and everyday activities. Explore Scorpio correspondences, divination techniques, self-care routines, and much more.


- Enhance your magical practice as a Scorpio

- Embrace your Scorpio Sun sign in-depth

- Incorporate Scorpio energy into your spiritual journey

- Personal growth and empowerment tailored to Scorpio traits

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Embrace the power of your Scorpio Sun sign and embark on a transformative journey, Start unlocking the magic within you today!

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